SECOND COMPLIMENTARY Course added for Center for Executive Coaching members: How to market your coaching practice virtually and online in a changed world

The world is changing. As a successful Certified Executive Coach or professional you must be able to market your executive coaching practice virtually and online.

First things first: Executive Coaching is going to be in more demand than ever, especially after the initial shock waves fade out. Leaders are going to want a safe, objective expert to vent, share their concerns, get a sounding board, and see new possibilities. This is a great time to jump in. Plus – you get to speak to leaders about their most pressing issues instead of rolling up your sleeves and being caught up in all the operational chaos.

In order to succeed in this changed world, you have to develop business a bit differently than before. This is a great opportunity for executive coaches who are flexible and willing to be agile (and should you really be a coach if you aren’t?).

This new program is the second in a series that we are now offering to our members. They don’t cost anything extra, and we are not raising our prices to build in the extra value. However, they are only open to members of our Certified Executive Coach training programs.

The first program teaches you to successfully create and market online programs to the people in your market. This course is a game changer for those who take advantage of the window that is open today to jump through and move forward. Learn about it here.

The second program is all about how to develop business and attract clients as an executive and leadership coach.

By taking this course, you will learn how to successfully launch and run an executive coaching practice in a changed world that relies more on remote and virtual interaction. You also learn how to become the go-to professional in your market, so that people call you first when they have a need. Meanwhile, the course — as with everything we do at the Center for Executive Coaching — includes ongoing one-on-one support. We are also happy to match you up with other members for mastermind groups to support each other in ongoing success.

Here are the details:

  • This program is complimentary for and exclusive to all current and new Center for Executive Coaching members. If you are not already a member, we suggest that you start by joining our distance learning program, described here. You can also join our in-person seminar Certified Executive Coach training program, which include our distance learning program. Sorry, but you cannot access this program in any other way.
  • The goal of the program is that you become comfortable and competent in marketing yourself using remote, virtual, and online media. The end game is that you attract clients and build your practice.
  • The program is designed both for new coaches and those who have been at it for a while, and realize they need a change given current events.
  • This is not about theory. You are going to be asked to apply what you learn and take action to gain momentum in growing your coaching practice and succeeding.
  • We start with a 2-hour kick off and move to weekly sessions. We should be able to cover the content in 6-8 weekly sessions. However, I am delighted to keep meeting based on participant questions and topics of interest.
  • Topics to help you market your coaching practice virtually include:
    • Positioning yourself powerfully online and offline
    • Boneheaded mistakes I (and many other coaches) made when learning to market online, and how to avoid them
    • How to write compelling marketing content
    • The power of free giveaways, and how to choose the ones that are most effective for your practice
    • Social proof and how to create it online so that people are confident that you are a credible expert
    • The “funnel” concept and how to use it to maximize new client acquisition
    • How to test your marketing ideas with maximum upside and minimum downside
    • The infrastructure you might want to support your online marketing — and how to invest in it wisely
    • Email marketing in a world saturated with email
    • Video marketing steps for success
    • Webinar marketing steps for success
    • LinkedIn marketing steps for success — from a strong profile to groups, articles, and connecting with people who can open doors for you and hire you
    • Is Pay-Per-Click a good investment?
    • How to not get overwhelmed by all the options: Focusing on the strategies that have impact
    • Old school marketing methods that are easy to adapt to a changed remote, virtual, and online world
  • All live sessions are recorded and placed in your member area as audio only and video format. You never have to worry about missing anything, and you have ongoing access to the content.
  • Did I mention that you get one-on-one, just-in-time support as needed? No other program comes close to this level of support for members, directly from the Founder and Director.

If you were on the fence about getting certified as an executive and leadership coach, now is the time to jump in. You don’t want to look back in a few months and realize you missed a huge chance to get ahead in a changed world. Learning how to market your coaching practice virtually and online is only one of the many benefits that you will receive as a member.

All you have to do now is join any of our Certified Executive Coach training programs:

Distance Learning (you can add the ICF training, and the BCC training is included at no extra charge)

In-Person Seminar (includes the Distance Learning program)

Please don’t miss out. Take action and join us today.

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