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Online courses for Executive and Leadership Coaching Certification

If you are seeking an online option for:

  • Executive Coaching Certification
  • Leadership Coaching Certification (for coaching leaders, managers, and up-and-coming leaders)
  • Career Coaching Certification (for helping professionals in career transition)
  • Business Coaching Certification (for working with owners of growing businesses)

Our courses show you how to work with leaders, executives, managers, business owners, up-and-coming-talent, and/or other professionals. If phrases like ‘client satisfaction” “results,” “proven,” “practical,” “real-world,” and “personalized support” are important to you — and you are an already-successful, seasoned professional — then you are in the right place. Everything we teach is focused on helping you bring enormous practical value and results to your clients, so that you are successful in turn and feel confident and fulfilled in your coaching practice. There is no fluff, no academic jargon or endless reading lists, and no pseudoscience.

Our online certification options gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, your own way, and still enjoy all of the practical, client-centered, and results-focused content that sets the Center for Executive Coaching’s executive and leadership coaching certification online option apart.  You can join our live teleclasses or listen at your speed to recordings in your member area.

You can complete this program in 2-4 months. Simply submit six recordings of you coaching a client, colleague, friend, or member of the program. We review each recording together and by the sixth one our mentoring and support assures that you will demonstrate the competencies required for success in coaching. If you wish to upgrade to the ICF Certification, you may do so, and that takes a total time of 6-9 months to complete.

View the video below to learn what sets successful coaches apart, and why our program helps you succeed…

The online learning option gives you the Executive Coaching Certification, and also includes the Board Certified Coach certification (for coaches with a Masters degree or higher).

You can add the full ACTP/ICF accredited training program with ICF mentor coaching for a little bit more at any time, to get your ICF designations. Also, if you ever wish to come to a seminar, you can add that whenever you wish with no penalty. You can also pay in ten monthly installments of $500 or pay $4,900 up front and save $100 off the tuition price. In other words, this program is the perfect place to start to get all of our content and get started, while you still have the flexibility to add the full ICF ACTP if you decide you want to do that, or a seminar if you decide you want to do that.

Online/Distance Learning Program Made Easy
– How it Works Step-by-Step –

This program is for you if you want our methodologies, ongoing guidance, best-practice content, Certified Executive Coach designation, and you learn well in a distance learning environment. You can add a seminar and/or the ICF ACTP training program for an ICF designation now or at any time.

  1. Register on this page. Scroll down and choose to pay up front or in convenient monthly installments.
  2. You receive a welcome email within one business day with instructions to log into your member area and access our massive library of content and learn how to join our live webinars.
  3. We have an orientation call.
  4. You can join our live, interactive webinars. We have 3-6 each week. Each is different. Each is recorded for anytime access.
  5. Take full advantage of the resources in your member area, including: coaching methodologies, coaching plans, business development guidance, sample proposals, and past recorded teleclasses/webinars.
  6. Graduate and receive our certification by submitting six 30-60 minute recordings of you coaching someone about a relevant challenge. We review these together based on leading core competencies and how bring value to the client.
  7. Yes, we match you up with other coaches via our coach matching service, so that you can practice coaching and keep getting better.
  8. You can do extra work to qualify for the Board Certified Coach certification, as well as our business and career coaching certifications – at no extra cost. You can also do a special research project to create your own specialty certification (e.g., Non-profit Leadership Coach, Technology Leadership Coach, Healthcare Leadership Coach).
  9. Includes our Business Development Intensive and business development guidance at no additional cost.
  10. Includes our Master Facilitator certification and program at no additional cost.
  11. You can add the additional training needed for the International Coach Federation designation now or later.
  12. You get ongoing support anytime you need it.
  13. By the end of this program you will be confident and competent as a coach and know how to work with executives, leaders, managers, business owners, and up-and coming talent.

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Add the ICF ACTP for your ACC and/or PCC and get 125 hours (100 live/25 self-study) including the required 10 hours of ICF mentor coaching. Pay in ten monthly installments of $750 or save $150 by paying upfront. Click the best payment option for you:

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NOTE: If you have a special situation, for instance, you want to advance from ACC to PCC with the ICF, or you want even more convenient financing terms, contact us and we can personalize a solution for you.

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