Video: Seven Reasons Why Being an Executive & Leadership Coach is a Great Career

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Are you looking for a career that you love?

My name is Andrew Neitlich and, in addition to running the Center for Executive Coaching, I have found my perfect career as an Executive & Leadership Coach.

Following are seven reasons why more and more people are getting into Executive & Leadership Coaching, and why it might be your perfect next step:

One: You work with great people. Executive & Leadership Coaches work with dynamic people who want to get even better as leaders. You work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, management teams, and up-and-coming talent.

Two: You get to work on crucial issues. People hire coaches to achieve their most ambitious and exciting goals. You work with them to break through to new levels of performance, set strategy, change the culture of their organizations, make serious performance gains, break into new markets, develop future leaders, and transition to new and challenging roles.

Three: You have a huge impact. People only hire a coach when they are serious about getting results. That means that every engagement with a client gives you the opportunity to make a huge difference. In some cases, you even change a client’s life by helping them take their career and organization to new levels, get control of their time, reduce feelings of overwhelm, eliminate a problem that is causing them massive frustration, and seize incredible new opportunities.

Four: Enjoy amazing flexibility in your work. You choose whether to work full or part time. You can work from home. You can work from anywhere in the world. You decide how many clients to take on, and when you are available for them. You can work as a solo coach, or build a firm. It is completely in your control and up to you.

Five: Make a great income. Not only do you get to make a big difference as a coach and enjoy a flexible career, you can also enjoy a lucrative income. Executive & Leadership Coaches get paid well for their time, and there is no limit to how much you can earn. 

Six: The subject matter is fascinating. If you are interested in how to help people overcome limiting beliefs, influence others, communicate with impact, build high-performing teams, find new opportunities, and achieve ambitious goals, then Executive & Leadership Coaching might be your true calling.

Seven: Coaching opens new doors and opportunities. As a coach, you can write books, get paid to speak, lead seminars, develop educational programs and products, and ultimately become a respected expert. It is up to you, your aspirations, and your imagination. The sky is the limit as an Executive & Leadership Coach.

So, what do you think? Is Executive & Leadership Coaching worth exploring in more detail? If so, email me at or call me anytime on my personal cell: 941-539-9623.


Andrew Neitlich

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