Video training: Eight keys to be in the top tier of executive coaches

There are two experiences you will have with executive coaching certification. The first is not pleasant. The second is what most coaches want, but don’t always experience unless they go to the right training program. Below, after a brief overview, is a video explaining the difference. You can even download a PDF of the presentation if easier. Enjoy!

In the first case, you will end up like far too many coaches: a commodity. You will be seen as a generic executive coach. It will take a long time to get a client. Engagements will be short, often paid at the lower end of the hourly rate spectrum. You won’t build long-term relationships and so you won’t get much repeat work. This experience feels like running on a treadmill.

The second case is much more fulfilling, satisfying, and lucrative. You reach the top tier of certified executive coaches. That’s because you become a trusted advisor to your clients. You are known as the go-to professional in your space. Marketing is easier because you get lots of repeat business and referrals. You charge higher fees. You have long-term relationships with clients and are seen as an essential part of their inner circle.

At the Center for Executive Coaching, when you get your executive coaching certification with us, we work with you to be in the second category. Please enjoy the video below, which gives you an overview of the executive coaching marketplace and then eight keys to how to be perceived as a trusted advisor, not a commodity coach. It also includes a methodology to think long-term with clients and plan how you can provide ongoing value to them.

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The keys to being a top-tier executive coach include:

1. Choose a unique and advantageous position in the market.

2. Establish yourself as an expert, and the first person people think of when they have a need that you can address.

3. Build a strong network of professional relationships so that your opportunity flow is strong.

4. Charge based on value, not time.

5. Offer a range of solutions.

6. Offer a range of ways to deliver your services.

7. Create a portfolio of offerings to get leverage on your time. Avoid the time-for-dollars trap.

8. Get the domino effect going. This means that you have long-term relationships with clients so that they keep engaging you to address their ongoing challenges and refer you to others.

Here is the PDF of the presentation if you want to take notes during the video below: How to Be a Trusted Advisor as an Executive Coach


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