Here is the Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Curriculum in Full….

All content is covered in your manuals, via live teleconference with case studies and practice coaching, and on recorded audio lectures and teleconferences from our past classes. Plus, you work on these materials one-on-one with other coaches and with Director and Founder Andrew Neitlich. Not included below are frequent bonus lectures about opportunities in specific industries, or new marketing technologies.

Coaching Content, Process and Engagement Structure

Part I: Foundations
  • Coaching Defined
  • Why Executives Hire Coaches, and What That Means for You
  • The Seven Orientations of the Executive Coach
  • The Three Domains of Coaching
  • ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies
Part II: The Executive Coaching Process
  • The 8-Part ‘shop talk’ process
  • Your 3- or 4 Part Proprietary Process & Methodology
Part III: The 10 Key Coaching to Get Clients Conversations and Their Benefits
Part IV: The Assessment Phase, including:
  • The Proprietary Center for Executive Coaching
  • 360-degree Verbal Assessment
  • Off-the-shelf Assessments
  • Creating a Career Development Plan with Leadership to build your credibility Teeth
  • The Proprietary Center for Executive Coaching makers and VIPs
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Observing the client in action with tools
  • PLUS: Six other methods to assess the client
Part V: Behavioral and Perceptual Coaching
  • Behavioral Coaching for Blind Spots
  • Behavioral Coaching as an Organizational Development Tool
  • The 3-Step Perceptual Coaching Process
Part VI: Coaching Frameworks
  • Personal Domains
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communicate Simply and Powerfully
  • One-on-one Influence Conversations
  • The Influence Campaign
  • Managing Up
  • Engaging and Mobilizing Employees
  • Power Base
  • Coaching Teams
  • Managing Time
  • Building for the Future
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture
  • Succession Planning/Leadership Development
  • Coaching Through Change and Transitions
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Significant Performance Improvement & Turnarounds
  • Thinking Comprehensively
  • Career Development & Transition Coaching
Part VII: The Coaching Agenda/Structure
  • From the Client’s Perspective
  • The Coach’s Week
Part VIII: Case Studies
  • 22 Case Studies in Executive Coaching
  • What to Do If You Get Stuck

Attracting Clients and Building a Successful Firm

Introduction: If coaching is booming, why are so many coaches struggling to get by?

Step I: Lay a Solid Strategic Foundation
  • The three requirements for ongoing success as a coach Choose a profitable target market
  • Develop robust coaching solutions for your market
  • Develop your compelling marketing message and brand
Step II: Use Low-Cost, High-Impact Tactics to Get Clients
  • Set up your testing laboratory
  • The most powerful tactic in your arsenal
  • Alliances to bring you a stream of business
  • Achieve expert status through information and by educating your market
  • Internet marketing tactics
  • Leadership to build your credibility
  • Creative strategies to reach top decision makers and VIPs
Step III: Close Engagements
  • Overcome low-pricing self-esteem
  • Ask questions that engage and assess fit
  • Handle concerns and objections with finesse and grace Strategies to close the deal
  • How to write a powerful proposal’and when not to
Step IV: Keep Clients for Life, or at Least for a Long, Long Time
  • The value of your first client, and every client that follows
  • Deliver value and create raving fans
  • From foothold to a major presence
Step V: Build a Firm to Enjoy Lasting Wealth
  • The firm-builder mindset
  • How to develop a framework that turns into ongoing wealth Twelve steps to a successful book
  • Information products to get up to 100 times the price of a book
  • Group coaching packages, seminars, subscriptions, and leadership circles
  • Certify others and/or license your content
  • Get bigger engagement by contracting with or hiring other coaches and experts
  • Develop tools for clients and for other coaches
  • Chapter Thirty-One: Create a center of excellence or an institute
Step VI: Create Your Million-Dollar Business Plan
  • Your million-dollar business model
  • Your action plan
  • Final Pep Talk: Claim your power as a coach and trusted advisor

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