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Full Center for Executive Coaching Program

The Full Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) Program is a comprehensive program package, combining all our premium options for ultimate flexibility and immersion.  There is no other executive coach training program like it in the market.  This program includes CEC certification, everything you need for ICF and BCC certification, PLUS attendance at one of our 2- or 3-day Virtual Intensive Seminars. Access to the Virtual Intensive Seminar means you can complete your CEC coach training in as little as 2 days and be well on your way to BCC and ICF certification with just one more step!  And, as with all CEC programs, the Full CEC Program includes access to our unmatched coach support and CEC member site. 

Recommended for
Individuals looking for the best of all worlds in their training experience
Aspiring executive coaches with a desire to accelerate their certification process
Individuals who want to have both an intensive seminar and self-paced online experience
2- or 3-day virtual intensive seminar
Self-paced distance learning course
Access to robust member site plus ICF mentoring coaching program
Fast-track in as little as 2-3 days for CEC Certificate completion
Complete mentor coaching hours for ICF certification in 3-4 months
Self-paced online digital learning tools always accessible
10 monthly installments of $1,100/month
Pay $10,780 upfront (save $220)
Add Accelerated Seminars for an additional fee
Full CEC Program Summary

The Full Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) Program is unlike any other in the market, combining all our premium coach training options into one experience that offers ultimate flexibility, speed to certification, and a unique network of fellow CEC coaches. Delivered with our signature practical, direct approach to coach training, the Full CEC Program includes it all:

Full access to our Core Distance Learning Program

All required ICF mentor coaching hours

Access to our robust member site including more than a 1000 pages of content

Opportunity to network and develop peer relationships

All coach training hours needed for ICF and BCC certification

Attendance at your choice of one of our 2- or 3-day virtual intensive seminars

With this program, you can complete your required training hours for CEC Executive Coach Certification and the BCC designation application in as little as 2 days by attending a 2- or 3-day virtual intensive seminar. These seminars are highly interactive and are more than lectures; we immediately have you practicing your coaching skills in virtual breakout rooms so that you can apply what you are learning in real time and in a safe space with fellow participants.

The Full CEC Program is perfect for aspiring coaches who plan to apply for either the Associate Coach Certification (ACC) or Professional Coach Certification (PCC) with the ICF, and who want to complete the required coaching training hours in an accelerated, virtual experience but with full access to everything our self-paced online participants have as well. And because ICF mentor coaching is included as part of this program, you will also have access to everything you need to apply for ICF certification within 3-4 months. Our program is built on a foundation of support and practical learning that goes beyond just ICF requirements. We’re committed to preparing you not just to succeed in certification application, but to excel in the competitive world of coaching and to make a lasting impact on your clients’ professional lives.

Our Full CEC Program participants also rave about the connections they make through the virtual intensive seminar and CEC-wide member site. We have an active coaching community in which members can join or start affinity groups or develop a great network of fellow coaches invaluable for a newly practicing coach.

What You Will Learn

Learn a broad spectrum of coaching techniques to address various leadership challenges, ensuring you can adapt to any client’s needs

Go far beyond the theories of coaching and delve immediately into the real application of coaching best practices with faculty and peers

Earn mentor coaching hours rapidly through collaboration with fellow participants rather than searching to find partners on your own

Deeply understand and apply the core competencies required by the ICF to ensure effective and impactful coaching

Learn the essentials of establishing and expanding your coaching business, from marketing strategies to client engagement

Focus on delivering measurable improvements in client satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and organizational impact

What’s Included

All required training and mentor coaching hours necessary to apply for ACC or PCC designation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Your choice of a 2- or 3-day intensive seminar to complete all your required coach training hours

Opportunities to connect with a diverse, global community of professional coaches for collaboration and growth

Access to an extensive library of over 1,000 pages of coaching tools and methodologies for various leadership challenges

Access to both live and on-demand weekly webinars hosted by ICF-certified faculty, covering essential coaching aspects in mini-modules

Tailored, self-paced learning experience with live webinars, recorded classes, and comprehensive resources

Curriculum Spotlight

We cover even more than a typical coach training program. Here are a few highlights of our coverage.

360-degree Verbal Assessment

A holistic process for conducting comprehensive assessments that lead to actionable development plans

Behavioral Coaching

Focuses on identifying and changing key habits to improve performance using cognitive psychology principles

Limiting Belief Coaching

Helps clients shift limiting perceptions to more positive beliefs and behaviors for career advancement 

Employee Engagement Methodology

A proven coaching methodology that statistically improves engagement scores for the employees of the leaders

Handle Overwhelm and Priorities Management

A comprehensive approach to helping your clients get control of time, set boundaries, and design their optimal day and week

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