About The Center For Executive Coaching

Since 2006, The Center for Executive Coaching has worked to establish itself as the leader in executive coaching training and certification, and the go-to choice for successful professionals. No other program matches our flexibility, tools, community, real-world application, and focus on results for clients. For those who aspire to launch their own practice, our business development advice, tools, and support are unparalleled.

We are an ICF-accredited Level 1 and Level 2 organization and are approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education to train coaches for Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification.

In 2023 The Center for Executive Coaching was acquired by Keystone Partners, LLC, a leader in executive coaching and consulting. We had previously trained and certified many Keystone Partners coaches and consultants—they found so much value in our content and approach that they acquired us. There is no better testimonial than that.

Proven Results: Empowering Coaches Worldwide

Over 3,500 coaches in 32 countries trust our program to equip them for success. We go beyond theory, providing practical frameworks and methodologies that deliver real-world results. Unlike other programs, our focus is on helping you achieve measurable outcomes for your clients.


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About Our Founder

Andrew Neitlich

A Harvard Business School graduate and former consultant, Andrew transitioned to coaching after realizing the value of trusted advisory relationships over traditional consulting methods. This career change inspired him to create the Center for Executive Coaching, which distinguishes itself by focusing on practical, results-driven coaching strategies. Since launching, CEC has grown to serve members in 32 countries.

Drawing from his own successful coaching practice and extensive experience, Andrew has authored several books on leadership and coaching, emphasizing the importance of practical results and significant value for clients. Today, he leads the Center, ensuring it remains a premier, intimate community for coaches committed to making a real impact.

Call him on his cell phone anytime: 941-539-9623 | LinkedIn

Why Choose the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC)?

The CEC offers a comprehensive executive coach training program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to achieve success in the coaching field. Here’s what sets CEC apart:

Practical Results

Their focus is on delivering practical, measurable outcomes, ensuring your coaching translates into real-world success for your clients.

Top-Tier Accreditation

CEC is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the highest levels and offers Board Certified Coach certification training programs.

Career-Focused Training

Their programs go beyond coaching techniques, providing effective marketing strategies to build a thriving coaching practice.

Global Network

CEC fosters a vibrant community of over 2,500 coaches worldwide, offering unique networking opportunities through their member site and Affinity groups.

About Keystone Partners

The Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) is an integral part of Keystone Partners, a renowned leader in delivering comprehensive leadership development, career management, and outplacement services. Keystone Partners stands out for its deep commitment to building resilience and enhancing the careers and leadership capabilities of professionals across industries.

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