Deepen Your Client Engagements Through Coaching

Our programs equip consultants with the essential coaching skills and tools to forge strong working relationships with executives. This empowers them to guide successful solution implementation, ensuring long-term effectiveness and maximizing the impact of consulting services in today’s dynamic business landscape. By demonstrating a proficiency in executive coaching, consulting firms can distinguish themselves from competitors, fostering deeper client partnerships and driving lasting organizational change.

Maximize Consultant Impact: The Coaching Advantage


Consulting firms struggle to maximize impact. Success hinges on effective partnerships with leaders who implement change


The Center for Executive Coaching offers custom coach training for consultants, equipping them with skills to foster strong leadership collaboration


Clients report greater success in program implementation, long-lasting relationships with consulting partners, and measurable business outcomes

Invest in coach training. Empower consultants. Drive transformative client impact.

Bridge the Implementation Gap: Coaching for Transformative Consulting

Targeted Training for Management Consultants:

CEC offers a comprehensive suite designed to cultivate powerful coaching skills in management consultants. Founded by a former consultant and trusted by top-tier firms like Deloitte, Accenture, and Bain, CEC understands the specific needs of this vital profession.

Why Coaching Matters:

Executive coaching, a defined profession with its own methodologies, equips consultants with superior tools. CEC’s program goes beyond theory, empowering consultants to:

Bridge the understanding-to-action gap: Guide clients from insights to practical implementation

Enhance trust and rapport: Strengthen consultant-client relationships for long-term success

Solidify client relationships:
Drive client buy-in and ensure sustainable positive change
Proven Experience:

CEC has a successful track record of training consultants across various sectors, including executive development, healthcare management, and leadership advisory.

Program Highlights:

Customized Content: Develop foundational coaching skills, tailored to consulting scenarios

Flexible Learning: Choose from in-house, remote, individual, train-the-trainer, and customized options

Business Development Support: Learn to attract clients to your firm’s coaching practice

Client Solutions Development: Gain expertise in building coaching solutions for clients

Proprietary Frameworks: Enrich your firm’s service offerings with CEC’s unique methodologies

Accredited Training: Ensure the highest quality standards with International Coaching Federation accreditation

Equip your consultants with coaching expertise. Foster stronger client relationships. Drive transformative results.

Curriculum Spotlight
Unleash Potential: Tailored Coaching Methodologies

We cover even more than a typical coach training program.The Center for Executive Coaching offers a diverse selection of coaching methodologies, each designed to address specific development needs.

Here are a few highlights of our coverage:

360-Degree Verbal Feedback Process: Gain a holistic view of performance through a comprehensive verbal assessment, leading to the creation of a personalized development plan

Behavioral Coaching Process: Leverage cognitive psychology principles to address and modify performance-impacting habits, driving lasting change

Shifting Limiting Beliefs: Develop a methodology for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones, fostering a growth mindset and positive self-perception

Engagement Improvement Coaching: Implement a statistically proven approach to enhance employee engagement. This program equips leaders to authentically connect with their teams, fostering a thriving and productive work environment

Discover the right coaching methodology to unlock potential and achieve breakthrough results.

Choosing the Right Coaching Program for You

Discover how to choose the perfect program tailored to your unique needs with our Easy Guide. Whether you’re aiming for an ICF designation or seeking the fastest route to certification, our modular options ensure you get exactly what you need without the extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CEC’s executive coach training program unique for consultants?

CEC’s tailored coach training programs are rooted in top-tier management consulting experience, emphasizing practical, results-oriented skills to improve consultant effectiveness with clients.

Yes, CEC offers customized content that includes foundational coaching, behavioral, perceptual, and situational coaching methodologies tailored to your firm’s needs.

The Center for Executive Coaching is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Organization, which means we have the leading accrediting body stamp of approval on all our executive coaching training programs.

CEC provides in-house training, distance learning, individual training, train-the-trainer, and custom training options to suit different organizational needs and schedules.

Yes, CEC can help build out an executive coaching service that firms can offer to clients as an additional offering of value.   From training staff to become certified executive coaches to helping create marketing materials that tout your new executive coaching services, we help you develop an end-to-end solution that allows you to integrate executive coaching services into your offerings.

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