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The Board Certified Coach designation (BCC) is a growing certification for which CEC offers a flexible, efficient path to completion. Learn at your own pace with a curriculum grounded in real-world applications and develop the skills you need to be a great coach as well as build lasting relationships with other coaches.

Please note: BCC certification requires a master’s degree but you do NOT need a master’s degree to participate in our BCC training program.

Recommended for
Individuals looking to start a career as a BCC-certified executive coach
Current executive coaches looking to expand their credentials
Organizations interested in developing internal coaches to become BCC certified
Self-paced distance learning course
Engaging live and on-demand webinars
Get matched with fellow members to build toward required coaching hours
The Center for Credentialing Education requires a minimum of 60 hours of training and a master’s degree for BCC certification
Fast-track in as little as 2 months, standard path 3-4 months
Leverage executive coaching hours accumulated since receiving master’s
10 monthly installments of $550
Pay $5390 upfront (save $110)
Add Accelerated Seminars for an additional fee
Our Board Certified Coach Certification Program

Our Board Certified Coach Certification program is built on our foundational Core Distance Learning Program.: a flexible, self-paced, and comprehensive online certification program built for aspiring and current executive coaches. As a Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) Registered 1031-BCC training provider, CEC’s program is approved for those who plan to complete the hours required for BCC designation. While you do NOT need a master’s degree to go through our BCC training program, possession of a master’s degree is necessary when applying to the CCE for this designation.

In addition to our approved BCC coach training, you will need at least 30 hours of coaching experience, and — unlike with the ICF — you are permitted to count any previous coaching experience. If you do not have previous training hours, we will match you with fellow members of similar experience with whom you can build those needed coaching hours for certification.

Our program is designed for those who seek to become BCC-certified executive coaches. Every participant can expect an engaging blend of live webinars, recorded classes, comprehensive resources, and a robust community, all designed around practical, real-world coaching techniques and strategies.

What You Will Learn

Learn a broad spectrum of coaching techniques to address various leadership challenges, ensuring you can adapt to any client’s needs

Gain insights into the specific challenges and opportunities faced by leaders and executives, enabling you to provide meaningful support

Understand the ethical considerations in coaching, ensuring you maintain professionalism and integrity in your practice

Understand how to maintain a focus on your client’s goals and outcomes, tailoring your coaching strategy to their unique needs

Learn the essentials of establishing and expanding your coaching business, from marketing strategies to client engagement 

Focus on delivering measurable improvements in client satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and organizational impact

What’s Included

All required training and coaching hours necessary to apply for BCC designation with the Center for Credentialing and Education

Unique advantage of direct access to the founder for guidance on complex coaching situations and business development

Opportunities to connect with a diverse, global community of professional coaches for collaboration and growth 

Access to an extensive library of over 1,000 pages of coaching tools and methodologies for various leadership challenges

Achieve recognized coaching credentials, affirming your expertise and commitment to professional standards 

Tailored, self-paced learning experience with live webinars, recorded classes, and comprehensive resources

Curriculum Spotlight

We cover even more than a typical coach training program.  Here are a few highlights of our coverage:

360-degree Verbal Assessment

A holistic process for conducting comprehensive assessments that lead to actionable development plans

Behavioral Coaching

Focuses on identifying and changing key habits to improve performance using cognitive psychology principles

Limiting Belief Coaching

Helps clients shift limiting perceptions to more positive beliefs and behaviors for career advancement 

Employee Engagement Methodology

A proven coaching methodology that statistically improves engagement scores for the employees of the leaders

Handle Overwhelm and Priorities Management

A comprehensive approach to helping your clients get control of time, set boundaries, and design their optimal day and week

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