Empower Your Workforce: Build Internal Coaching Capabilities

The Center for Executive Coaching offers a comprehensive suite of coaching solutions and toolkits designed to address a wide range of leadership and organizational challenges. These solutions empower coaches to navigate complex situations, from leading change initiatives and developing succession plans to fostering business growth and creating high-performing cultures. Each solution is grounded in best practices and methodologies, providing coaches with a clear roadmap to guide their clients towards measurable improvements and real results.

Cultivate Internal Coaching Expertise, Drive Business Impact


Organizations recognize the power of a coaching culture, but lack the internal resources to build it


Our executive coach training programs equip leaders at all levels with the skills to become internal coaches


Build a workforce of coaches who can:

  • Address critical leadership challenges with proven methodologies.
  • Establish immediate credibility by leveraging their deep understanding of the organization.
  • Drive impactful results through effective day-to-day coaching.

Empower your people. Unlock the potential of a coaching culture.

Internal Coaching Expertise: Delivering Immediate Impact

As organizations embrace coaching cultures, the demand for in-house coaching expertise rises. Leaders within these cultures require internal coaches to make an immediate impact and drive measurable results.

However, many internal coaching programs fall short. They focus solely on ICF accreditation requirements, neglecting the practical realities of working with executive leadership.

The Center for Executive Coaching offers a different approach.

Our ICF-accredited program goes beyond certification, equipping internal coaches with practical tools and results-oriented coaching methods. We focus on:

Immediate Application: Content designed for day-one use within your organization.

Actionable Strategies: Clear, impactful solutions to address executives’ challenges.

Leadership Development Integration: Aligning coaching with broader leadership initiatives.

Our program attracts coaches from top companies like Aflac, Macy’s, FedEx, and Microsoft. They seek practical tools that deliver results and support leadership development.

Empower your internal coaches. Drive impactful coaching within your organization.

Program Details: Flexible Learning for Internal Impact

Tailored Content: We customize program content to align with your organization’s specific needs, ensuring practical application and relevance to your leadership challenges. We also establish clear coaching boundaries and guide participants in navigating crucial coaching conversations.

Train-the-Trainer: Empower your team by taking advantage of our train-the-trainer option. This equips in-house trainers to deliver CEC’s coaching programs within your organization, fostering long-term sustainability.

Online Learning: We offer a robust online learning ecosystem, including private coaching staff cohorts with virtual classes, webinars, and a dedicated member area for continuous development.

Delivery Options: Choose the format that best suits your organization. We offer in-house training with sessions ranging from two to four days, complemented by distance learning and online options. Additionally, individuals can join our public certification program for a well-rounded experience.

Integrated Solutions: Develop customized solutions to address strategic and leadership challenges. These solutions seamlessly integrate into your internal coaching and professional development programs, maximizing their effectiveness.

Proven Coaching Tools: Participants gain access to our comprehensive suite of coaching solutions, providing them with a proven toolkit to address a wide range of coaching scenarios.

Invest in your internal coaches. Drive impactful results through a customized program.

Curriculum Spotlight: Deepen Your Coaching Expertise

Our program goes beyond the fundamentals, offering specialized modules to enhance your coaching mastery:

Team Coaching Foundations: Establish a strong foundation in coaching teams, fostering collaboration and high performance.

Shifting Limiting Beliefs: Equip yourself with a proven methodology for empowering clients to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace positive mindsets.

Advanced Team Dynamics: Develop your ability to navigate complex team interactions, optimizing team effectiveness.

Engagement Improvement Coaching: Master a statistically validated coaching approach to guide leaders in authentically engaging their teams, driving improved morale and productivity.

Choosing the Right Coaching Program for You

Discover how to choose the perfect program tailored to your unique needs with our Easy Guide. Whether you’re aiming for an ICF designation or seeking the fastest route to certification, our modular options ensure you get exactly what you need without the extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CEC’s programs unique for internal coaches?

CEC offers practical, results-oriented coaching methodologies beyond traditional competencies, focusing on real-world executive challenges.

The program provides toolkits and approaches for immediate application, solving pressing problems and achieving tangible results.

CEC offers ongoing learning through distance learning, online modules, and access to a library of resources for continuous development.

CEC can conduct in-house training sessions tailored to your team, ranging from two to four days, supplemented by online learning options.

The curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest in leadership development, strategic thinking, and organizational resilience, ensuring relevance and impact.

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