Build Internal Coaching Capabilities for Your Organization

Discover the powerful effect our executive coaching training programs can have on your organization. By developing the right skills in your employees, you can create a “culture of coaching” across your organization, at every level of management.

Key Challenge

Organizations are seeing the powerful impact of a healthy internal culture of coaching, but need support to develop the skills and roles within the organization to bring that culture to life in the day to day business.  

Our Solutions

We offer organizations executive coach training programs designed to develop internal coaches and a holistic culture of coaching at all levels of the business.

Real Results

Our programs develop internal coaches and leaders who can have an immediate impact on the organization and culture, giving them the tools and methodologies to address critical leadership challenges, establish instant credibility within the organization, and start working immediately to have an impact on the day to day business through coaching.

Coaching Training for Internal Coaches

As organizations evolve and mature, executive coaching and cultures of coaching become even more critical to delivering results for the business. The positive impact of coaching in an organization is undeniable, and organizations crave the opportunity to develop those skills internally with their own employees.  

Within an organization, internal coaches and leaders must have an immediate impact and get measurable results. Some internal coaches feel they must prove their worth within their organizational context. Many programs fall short of preparing internal coaches for these realities.

The Center for Executive Coaching stands out as an ICF-accredited executive coaching training program because we focus on the practical needs of those who work day-in and day-out with executive leadership. Our content goes beyond requirement for ICF certification and is designed for immediate application within an organization, eschewing unnecessary complexity for clear, impactful strategies that address executives’ challenges head-on. 

Our program has attracted coaching professionals from top organizations like Aflac, Macy’s, FedEx, Microsoft, and more, seeking practical tools and results-oriented executive coaching methods that can also support leadership development initiatives.

Program Details

Content is customized to meet specific organizational needs while establishing key coaching boundaries and conversations

Offers in-house training with sessions that can last between two to four days, supported by distance learning and online options

Individual training is available, allowing participants to join the public certification program

Includes a train-the-trainer option to enable in-house trainers to deliver the Center’s coaching programs 

Develops customized solutions for strategic and leadership challenges to integrate into internal coaching and professional development programs

Provides online learning opportunities, creating private cohorts for coaching staff with virtual classes, webinars, and a private member area for ongoing learning 

Coaches receive access to a comprehensive suite of proven coaching solutions 

Curriculum Spotlight

We cover even more than a typical coach training program.  Here are a few highlights of our coverage:

Team Coaching Foundations

Introduces basic principles of team coaching, emphasizing the development of high-performing teams

Advanced Team Dynamics

Focuses on understanding and navigating complex team interactions and dynamics for optimal performance

Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Offers a methodology for shifting limiting beliefs to more positive ones, making new perceptions a habit.

Engagement Improvement Coaching

A coaching methodology that has statistically proven to improve engagement scores, guiding leaders to authentically engage their teams.

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Choosing the Right Coaching Program for You

Discover how to choose the perfect program tailored to your unique needs with our Easy Guide. Whether you’re aiming for an ICF designation or seeking the fastest route to certification, our modular options ensure you get exactly what you need without the extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CEC’s programs unique for internal coaches?

CEC offers practical, results-oriented coaching methodologies beyond traditional competencies, focusing on real-world executive challenges.

The program provides toolkits and approaches for immediate application, solving pressing problems and achieving tangible results.

CEC offers ongoing learning through distance learning, online modules, and access to a library of resources for continuous development.

CEC can conduct in-house training sessions tailored to your team, ranging from two to four days, supplemented by online learning options.

The curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest in leadership development, strategic thinking, and organizational resilience, ensuring relevance and impact.

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