NOTE: As of 2022 the Center for Executive Coaching is now accredited with the ICF as a Level 2 Coach Training Organization. The ICF has changed their language and replaced ACTP with Level 2. We were among the first group of coach training programs to receive this accreditation, after a rigorous review by the ICF.

11 Toolkits that every business coach/adviser should have

One reason clients hire advisers, including business coaches, is for immediate access to approaches and tools that get results. Here are 11 toolkits that you get when you join the Institute for Business Growth, and we add more whenever a member asks:

1. Assessment. You get a simple but powerful way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your client's business. Our tool takes you through an assessment of how well the business is doing in each area covered by the C.A.S.T.L.E. Model for business growth & success.

2. Business model toolkit. You now have an easy way to create the client's revenue, profit, and cash flow model — and then choose key numbers to improve.

3. Choose the best tactics to grow and improve results. This tool gives you and your client hundreds of tactics to grow revenues, reduce costs, and improve cash flow. That way, the business is always testing new ways to be more profitable and grow.

4. Marketing foundation and message. Every business needs a compelling marketing message. The worksheets in this tool walk you step-by-step through to the pieces of a marketing message that attracts new prospects and customers. It will turn you and your clients into an outstanding copy writer, too.

5. The marketing collateral generator. This toolkit shows you the keys to developing all kinds of marketing collateral: postcards, website copy, marketing letters, flyers, brochures, tv spots, radio spots, email newsletter, email broadcast, and more.

6. Leverage. Here, you give your client a set of tools to finally get out of the business and start running it like a true CEO and entrepreneur. There are 9 points of leverage that we teach, and this toolkit includes interactive worksheets covering each of these.

7. Strategic planning. Here, you get about a dozen worksheets — all in Excel format — to help your clients develop a strategy that gives the business an edge, and that actually gets implemented. You can use this toolkit alone to lead strategic retreats, facilitate strategic decisions, and coach an entire executive team through the strategic planning process. Our coaches earn $20,000 up to $100,000 per strategic planning session, and so this toolkit alone can be a business in its own right.

8. Perceptual coaching. Help your clients identify beliefs that are holding them back, shift those beliefs, and make more productive and effective beliefs habitual. Unlike many coaching programs, here you get a set of worksheets based on research about what really changes beliefs and behaviors.

9. Service excellence. Customer service is a big problem among many businesses, and a great way for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition. This toolkit walks you and your clients through a proven process to delight customers, win raving fans, and keep customers coming back loyally.

10. Succession planning. Here, you help your client think about their exit strategy as well as how to develop leaders who can run the business on their behalf.

11. Engage and mobilize employees. Now you and your client have a systematic way to understand each employee, their potential to develop and grow the company, and how best to motivate them to bring out their best.




Army Corp of Engineers

Ascension Health


Bank of America


Best Buy

Booz Allen


Bristol-Myers Squibb

Brown University

Capital One


Charles Schwab & Co.

Children’s Hospital Colorado






Duke Energy

Galveston Independent School District

General Atomics

General Electric


Harvard Business School

Home Depot

Inland Steel

International Red Cross

Johnson and Johnson



Laser Spine Institute

Lexis Nexis

Liberty Mututal



Mckinsey Consulting





National Basketball Association (NBA)




Partners Healthcare


Procter & Gamble

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

Ralph Lauren


Rice University

Ross Stores

Russell Reynolds Associates

Schneider Electric

Shell Oil

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


The Ohio State University

Tom’s Shoes

United Nations

University of Florida



US Air Force

US Army

US Army Medical Corps

US Marines

US Navy






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