Newly released: Get Certified as a Master Facilitator

Coaches should also be facilitators. See the video below for five reasons why this is the case. Then you can join our new Master Facilitator Certification program, which includes 14 executive-level certification modules/solutions for your clients.  Click here to learn more and to join.  It is also included — at no additional cost — with all of our Certified Executive Coach training programs.

Unlike other facilitation training programs, the Center for Executive Coaching Master Facilitator program is an advanced level certification program for seasoned professionals. We won’t bore you with theory or the basics.

From our selection of articles:

Prospective clients often ask for assistance justifying that executive coaching will provide a return. Here is a stock answer you can give to your clients or internal sponsors when you are asked:First, the International Coach Federation, the leading coach professional organization, has conducted and reviewed studies about coaching in organization. They found an average return […]

Sometimes prospective members ask us why we don’t have a very formal application process compared to other coach training programs. All we ask for is a brief bio, CV, resume, or Linkedin profile. We are also happy to schedule a brief phone call to confirm fit. That’s usually enough to know whether a prospective member […]

Here is an important fact: If you practice coaching with other coaches, you can count that as barter and therefore as paid coaching hours towards your ICF designation. The ICF website makes that very clear.The Center for Executive Coaching has a large pool of members/coaches who are pursuing their ICF designation. We keep an active […]

After viewing the video recording of our most recent Open House, enter your email in the box describing the ebook and we will email you a copy right away. At the same time, please email Director Andrew Neitlich directly at to set up time to discuss, identify the best program for you, and answer […]

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