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Agenda for Success

The following agenda is only part of what you receive with the Center for Executive Coaching Business Development Intensive. The following topics are all on webinars, available for anytime access from your home or office. You also get the supporting presentation with each webinar, hundreds of marketing samples and ideas, and personal support directly from Andrew Neitlich.

Most importantly, the program is designed to bake accountability, action, and results into everything we do. This is not a theoretical or academic approach. Rather, everything we do is about giving you an opportunity to improve your business development results.

“Within a few months of starting your program, I got a $50,000 coaching engagement. Soon after, I got three new coaching assignments by using your tools and unique approach. Now the referrals keep coming.”

Len Rothman, Executive and Leadership Coach
  1. Setting goals with a dashboard to keep you accountable.
  2. The psychology of the coaching prospect and client – in order to make it easier to attract clients.
    1. The psychology of a successful business developer I: Creating the right state
    2. The psychology of a successful business developer II: Overcoming limiting beliefs
    3. The psychology of the word “No”
    4. The psychology of a prospective client: Why prospects buy
  3. Coaching the client through the buying process to win more engagements and feel more natural with business development:
    1. Stop selling and start coaching during the buying process
    2. Questions that qualify whether an opportunity is real
    3. Designing a solution that they will buy
    4. Handling objections with finesse and grace
    5. How to close and how not to close
    6. When prospects won’t decide or seem to be “playing you”
    7. Preparing for the sales meeting
  4. Pricing your work to earn what you deserve
    1. Overcoming “low pricing self-esteem”
  5. How and when to write proposals that get the business, including real examples of successful proposals
  6. Choosing a profitable target market
  7. Crafting a compelling marketing message that prospects find irresistible
  8. Relationship and referral marketing – the right way to do referrals to attract a stream of prospects and contacts who can help your coaching practice
  9. Alliances that help you look bigger than you are and get more engagements
    • Alliances
    • Leadership roles that get in front of decision makers
  10. Educational marketing – the key to establishing your credibility
    • Webinars that convert
    • Speaking engagements that get clients
    • Research as a Trojan Horse
    • Writing/Blogging
    • How to write a book (one of our most popular topics and worth the entire tuition)
    • How to convert your educational content into products
  11. Online Marketing – Moving away from the hype and doing what works
    • Three types of websites that work
    • Using LinkedIn properly
  12. Keeping clients longer using the same strategies that work for IBM, Accenture, and McKinsey

I sincerely hope that you choose to enroll! If so, click either of the buttons below to get started.

I very much look forward to working with you!

Andrew Neitlich

P.S. Remember that you can even test drive the program for 30 days. If you follow the advice and don’t see the possibility of results after that time, I will give you your money back with no questions asked. NOW THERE IS NO RISK TO YOU. Please take action today.

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