Center for Executive Coaching

CEC Graduate Interview: Adding coaching to a consulting, training, and speaking practice

Michael Frisina runs The Frisina Group, a rapidly growing and very well-regarded firm in the healthcare space. He runs the Center for Influential Leadership and is the author of Influential Leadership – Change Your Self, Change Your Organization, Change Health Care.

In this interview, he shares the evolution of his practice, how coaching has helped, and how the Center for Executive Coaching has fit into and supported his work. Notice how he has positioned himself as a true trusted advisor. He does keynote speeches. He writes books and articles. He runs a Center. He consults. He trains. And, of course, he coaches. The most successful professionals recognize that coaching is one of many delivery methods, and has a wide range of ways to provide value and earn trust with clients.

While the beginning of this interview talks a lot about heatlhcare, please listen until the end. You will gain some very valuable insights about success in coaching, regardless of industry focus.

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