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International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program

Become ICF certified to be amongst the elite top 5% of executive coaches worldwide. Our International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program approach extends beyond mere certification, emphasizing meaningful outcomes for your clients and providing you with everything you need to achieve your ICF designation of choice, and on your own schedule.

Recommended for
Aspiring executive coaches planning to seek ICF certification
Those professionals who value flexible, self-paced learning
Individuals aiming for certification by an internationally-recognized accrediting body
Online and interactive classes
Comprehensive, self-paced digital learning
Access to member site containing thousands of resources and a broad community of other coaches
Complete in as little as 5-6 months total
Ongoing access to robust member site
Includes enrollment in 3-month mentor coaching program
10 monthly installments of $850
$8,350 upfront (save $150)
Core Distance Learning Program for $2,960
International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program Summary

We’ve crafted our International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program specifically for those who want to further differentiate themselves within the executive coaching field with the ICF designation. This fully online program offers a clear, flexible route to ICF certification, focusing on real, impactful coaching techniques. With our live, interactive webinars and a comprehensive collection of digital learning materials, you’ll gain hands-on experience with coaching situations and methods that matter in the real world.

Our program is built on a foundation of support and practical learning that goes beyond just ICF requirements. We’re committed to preparing you not just to succeed in certification application, but to excel in the competitive world of coaching and to make a lasting impact on your clients’ professional lives.

What You Will Learn

Deeply understand and apply the core competencies required by the ICF to ensure effective and impactful coaching

Gain hands-on experience with proven coaching methodologies and tools that set you apart from other coaches

Earn mentor coaching hours rapidly through collaboration with fellow participants rather than searching to find partners on your own

Learn how to establish credibility as a coach, attract and retain clients, and deliver measurable results 

Complete required ICF mentor coaching hours, focusing on core competencies needed for professional development

If opted in, achieve Leadership Coaching Certification and learn to guide executives, leaders, managers, and rising talent effectively

What's Included

Streamline the path to your ICF certification without the need for additional upgrades or submissions, getting everything you need for an ACC or PCC designation in this one program

Ten hours of mentor coaching with ICF experts, focusing on core competency markers to ensure professional growth

A suite of proven coaching methodologies and tools designed to build a robust coaching practice and distinguish you in the field

Access to both live and on-demand weekly webinars hosted by ICF-certified faculty, covering essential coaching aspects in mini-modules 

Opportunities to collaborate with peers, facilitating the accumulation of required ICF coaching experience hours more efficiently

Continuous support throughout the program, ensuring a rich and supportive learning environment for all participants

Curriculum Spotlight

We cover even more than a typical coach training program.  Here are a few highlights of our coverage:

Leadership Presence and Influence

Focuses on developing a leader’s presence and their ability to influence others

High-Stakes Communications

Equips coaches with tools to improve clients’ high-stakes communication skills

Engage and Mobilize Employees

Acquire methods to authentically engage teams, proven to statistically improve engagement scores within organizations

Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning

Teaches how to guide clients in strategic thinking and effectively executing their plans

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