Welcome to the Center for Executive Coaching Hall of Fame

Many of our certified executive coach alumni have achieved significant success in the field of executive coaching. For this reason, we have created the Center for Executive Coaching Hall of Fame. Each month we feature an interview with one of our graduates. We are just getting started with this page, and hope you will return often to see the new interviews. Click the name of the graduate to see their bio, video, and highlights via written transcript. Enjoy, and we hope that very soon you will join our program and be featured here to honor your success as an executive coach.

Don Wetmore: The Tradesman's Business Coach, entrepreneur, and founder of the Productivity Institute
Michelle Cabel: From Nursing Executive to Executive Coach
Karl Pister: Looking back on a decade of success as a coach
Stacy Sufka: Consulting Firm CEO and Executive Coach
Samantha Wasserman: CEO of Growth Curve Consulting & Coaching
Mike Hitchcock: Consultant and Executive Coaching
Daiana Stoicescu: Pioneering Coach in Eastern Europe
Rob Berg: Consulting Firm Principal and Executive Coach
Ilana Zivkovich and Building a Coaching Firm: Founder & CEO of Werq
Teri Citterman: Executive Performance Coach + Author, From the CEO's Perspective
Tony Gerth: Coach to Technology Leaders
Sarah Birdsong Major: Top-tier Internal Coach and Career Coach
Mark Monane: Executive Coach to Physicians and Healthcare Leaders
Jack Levitt: Team and Executive Coach