Join other psychologists, counselors, and therapists who are discovering why Executive Coach training and certification is a great career move

We hear from many in the counseling professionals that they are frustrated and even burning out due to the reimbursement climate and time constraints of running a practice.
Many of them have addressed this challenge by adding Executive and Leadership Coaching to their practices.
Once they do, they find that the transition is natural and straightforward. Meanwhile, Executive Coaching can be more lucrative and fulfilling, without the reimbursement hassles. Clients and their organizations are able to afford the rates that you deserve.
At the same time, you are well positioned compared to many people who get into coaching and do not have your extensive training, credentials, and experience. In short, you have a wonderful opportunity — if you are willing to take advantage of it.
We show you how to make the transition, speak the language of executives and managers, and focus on delivering great value to them.
Some of our members make a complete transition to executive and leadership coaching. Others offer a hybrid model. You choose based on what works for you.
You can help already-successful people with numerous issues: transitions, handling feelings of overwhelm, dealing with stress, resolving conflicts, improving communication, shifting perceptions and attitudes to be more effective, changing behaviors and habits to have more impact, strengthening working relationships, engaging teams, navigating change, setting priorities, finding purpose and balance, and so many more pressing challenges.
Explore the programs below to choose the one that is right for your schedule and how you learn best. Then please contact us with any questions or to assess fit at