5 statistics that bode well for coaches

A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides 5 statistics that show why coaching is growing, and offers insights about some questions we can ask prospects and clients alike to identify coaching opportunities….

Here are the 5 statistics, followed by how they apply to coaches:

One: Only 19% of adults report being satisfied with their life.

Two: Only 21% of adults report that their life has a clear sense of purpose.

Three: Only 30% of adults feel a sense of accomplishment most days from what they do.

Four: Only 9.8% of adults see their life as close to their ideal.

Five: 13% of adults felt full of life all of the time in the previous 30 days.

Can you see why these statistics are good news for coaches?

There is a huge opportunity to help people with the gaps they feel in purpose, satisfaction, and vitality.

At the same time, we can ask prospects and clients how they feel on these criteria, and we are likely to uncover areas where coaching can be of value.

Finally — I know that I am in the 9.8% of people who believe that my life is close to my ideal. I am blessed to have a clear sense of purpose, I am satisfied with my life, and I feel a sense of accomplishment from what I do. That’s because being a coach allows me to work from home, make a great income, do wonderful and valuable work, and make my own hours. You can’t beat that!

How about you?

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