Can you REALLY start over again at age 50 (or any time)?

Are you a baby boomer wondering whether you can start a new career at age 50 or older? Or, are you in transition and wondering if you can start over in general?

The answer is "Absolutely!"

This post is inspired by a member of The Center for Executive Coaching who did just that. Here is her story:

This incredible woman had built a multi-million dollar business up. However, the business depended on the flow of capital into the real estate development industry. In 2008, when funding dried up, her clients could no longer pay her.

She tried to keep the business going, but it collapsed in 2009.

From there, she basically hid from the world for a couple of years. "I had the belief that there was no way I could start over again at age 50," she shared.

However, she joined the Center for Executive Coaching last year, and has participated actively. During one class, she had a huge insight: "We were discussing limiting beliefs, and I realized that I had a huge one. I decided at that moment, thanks to your class, to be done with this belief forever more."

Within a month, she signed up her first coaching client, the CEO of a $50 million company. Within a couple of months, he doubled her monthly retainer and also added a 10% bonus based on some performance goals they decided upon together.  She has since added four more high-paying clients, and is starting to train coaches (through our Master Certified Coach Trainer Program) to add to her team.  She is writing a book about her unique leadership insights, has developed numerous frameworks to coach leaders, and basically is a new person!

Most importantly, aside from her renewed confidence and joy, she has figured out her unique talents and value as a coach. With that knowledge and her current base of supportive clients, she is pretty much unstoppable.

I get calls everyday from people who have limiting beliefs. Some think they are too old, others too young. Others have no degree, or the wrong degree, or just don't know enough. Others think they are in the wrong industry, or live in the wrong place.

None of these things are true. You can be a successful leadership coach. It requires YOU to say you can do it, find your unique talents, and be willing to get out there and educate people about how you can help with their most pressing problems.

So yes, you really can start over again at age 50. Almost every week I read news stories about baby boomers who feel trapped — not enough retirement funds, hating their jobs or underemployed, feeling insecure. You have experience. You have wisdom. You have tons of value to offer others. Consider getting into executive or business coaching.

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