From $80,000 to $1.2 million per year as an executive coach

I’ve been working with a coach for 6 years now and he has finally hit the stratosphere.

While I’ve promised not to reveal any confidential information, this individual was a private high school teacher 10 years ago and gradually made a transition into coaching top executives. Each year he saw his income double and this past year he tells me he earned $1.2 million!

Here are some keys to his success:

  1. He took the skills he learned teaching drama and theater to his students and found a way to apply those skills to fill a need that many top executives have.

  2. He talked about his coaching NOT in terms of what he did, but in terms of the results he gets.

  3. He developed some truly innovative programs for executives that nobody else was, or is, doing.

  4. He gave workshops at leading institutions, like Esalen, which increased his network of contacts and put him in touch with executives. Over time, he networked his way into the offices of some C-level executives.

  5. He kept “talking his way” into meeting with top executives, showing them value, and getting more and more referrals. He is fearless at walking up to a C-level executive at a billion dollar company and starting a conversation.

  6. He has no qualms about charging $30,000 or more for a weekend seminar/workshop or $10,000 minimum for a couple of months of coaching. Perhaps he came into coaching a bit naive, and so asking for amounts that many coaches consider to be unreasonable was not an issue for him.

As they say on diet commercials, “results not typical.” Still — it is so inspiring to have worked with him over these six years and see these remarkable results.

What are we working on now? Well, not marketing, that’s for sure! Now we are working on helping him scale his firm so that it can grow and still deliver top service.

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