How to claim your superpower as a coach

A member of the Center for Executive Coaching called me this past Saturday morning, wanting to sit down and talk about his marketing plan as a coach.

I was ready to talk, but he texted me back, "I'll call you in two hours. I'm listening to a famous motivational speaker at the National Speaker's Association meeting."

It turned out the motivational speaker is a best- selling author and consultant known for his little red books.

I texted him back:

"It is time for you to stop listening to gurus and become a guru."

He called me five minutes later and said, "You are so right. I have heard what this guy is saying repeated again and again. I don't need to hear anymore of this junk. I need to claim my own power and do what I know I can do."

We sat down and mapped out his coaching program, products he could offer, and initial ways to get people into his sales funnel. It was easy to do, because this professional — along with most members of The Center for Executive Coaching — has an incredible background and has a ton of knowledge and experience to offer others, whether through coaching, speaking, writing, leading seminars, or developing information products.

In fact, he already has written three books — and still felt the need to go listen to other gurus.

What about you? Have you claimed your unique power as a coach, and created your own brand that stands out in a crowded market? If not, why not start now?

At the Center for Executive Coaching, we have the tools and methodologies you need to set yourself apart as a leading, go-to coach in your market.

Obviously, this program is not for everyone. You have to be able to think on your own. You need some seasoning as a leader, manager, or professional. You need to have the passion and drive to learn what makes already-successful people tick, and how to help them get even better.

When you join us, you are not signing up to learn from a guru. You are signing up to discover your own unique power as a coach, to claim that power, get the support that we all need to be more successful, and then get out and create a practice that helps people and organizations be more effective while you build a practice that can make you wealthy.

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