Judge a Coach Training Program By Who Attends

I am so delighted by the types of members we are attracting to the Center for Executive Coaching. Our program is a bit unique in that we don't accept just anyone who can pay. We attract seasoned, dynamic professionals who already have the talent to be outstanding coaches and trusted advisors, and want the skills to succeed.

Our members include:

– A former pro basketball player with the NBA who is getting into coaching executives about what it takes to be an elite performer.

– Former entrepreneurs who want to get into the coaching space. For instance, one of our members sold his software company for $30 million and is now coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs.- Former HR executives.

– A former coach of a Davis Cup tennis team who is now a keynote speaker to major corporations about Creating Amazement in life and in business.

– Former executives from companies that include AT&T, Valasses, Procter & Gamble, NBC, Microsoft, McKinsey Consulting, Bank of America, Ford Motor, and other brand name corporations.

– Many currrent and former coaching franchisees who are frustrated and disappointed with the weak content and support they get from their franchise.

– Clinicians, especially psychiatrists and psychologists.

– Nurse executives and other healthcare executives. We have at least one former CEO of a healthcare system, a couple of physicians who served as administrators in their health systems, and a VP of Quality.

– Successful baby boomers who want a new career as they approach retirement.

– Pastors who want to incorporate coaching into their pastoral work, or coach other churches and non-profits to success.

– Former military officers returning from service who want a new career. We have some extremely accomplished military vets.

– A couple of executives and coaches in top technology companies, including Microsoft, as well as a number of coaches to leading Silicon Valley emerging growth companies. One female coach works in a company that has grown from a hundred million dollars to a billion dollars in sales since she has been working with the executive team.

– Authors and speakers who want to bring coaching to their solution sets.

– A number of attorneys who are fed up with the law and want to get into coaching.

– Successful CPAs who want to bring coaching to their clients and add it to their solution set.

– Owners of already-successful consulting firms (including marketing, technology, HR, and strategy) who want ot add coaching to their service offerings.

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