A practical, results-driven executive coaching process that will show that you are credible

Please enjoy our most recent masterclass. You will learn three different ways to structure your executive coaching process, which is critical if you are a certified executive coach or seeking executive coaching certification. First, we cover an 8-step executive coaching process. The most important takeaway from this process is the importance of baking value and results into the process. Clients won’t tolerate anything less, and unfortunately too many coaches (and coach training programs) don’t teach you how to do this well. Second, you learn a market-facing executive coaching process that shows clients you get results and can deliver an effective, efficient path to help them address their most pressing challenges. Third, you will see how to conceptualize any executive coaching engagement on a single page.

If you like this content, please explore our distance learning program or 3-day virtual seminar (which includes the full distance learning program). Yes, we are an ICF accredited training provider (Level 2, formerly know as ACTP). Reach out to Director Andrew Neitlich anytime with questions at andrewneitlich@centerforexecutivecoaching.com or 941-539-9623.


Following is an executive summary of the highlights. We cover three different ways of looking at the executive coaching process:

  • The 9-step coaching process
    • First, the client must be coachable. Coachability is like a gate and must remain open for effective coaching to occur.
    • Define scope-Point A-B. Avoid coaching engagements where you and the client can’t agree up front on a significant ROI and way to measure success.
    • Assess.
    • Coach.
    • Track results.
    • Adjust and make mid-course corrections as needed.
    • Celebrate success.
    • Follow up to be sure results are sustained.
    • Find the next opportunity to provide value to the client, when appropriate.
  • The 3-phase market-facing coaching process:
    • Assess
    • Design solutions through coaching
    • Implement solutions while tracking progress and results
  • The one-page coaching plan
    • Shows a session-by-session approach to coaching
    • Coaching is wonderful because you can map out an engagement on a single page — unlike with many other professional services or projects
    • Session one confirms goals and sets up the assessments
    • One to three next sessions review the assessment results, while coaching on the challenge the client faces
    • Coaching continues. Depending on the engagement, sessions discuss behavioral change, specific situations and relationships, and progress towards goals. Our library of coaching solutions and tools is valuable because you will be ready for almost any challenge a client brings your way!
    • Reviews with the client and sponsor are baked in
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