The sure sign executive and leadership coaching is for you….

Do you wonder whether you would make a good executive and leadership coach?

After almost 20 years leading the Center for Executive Coaching and running my own coaching practice, I can tell you that there is one thing that just about every natural executive and leadership coach shares. There are a few ways to describe it:

1. Throughout your career, people have come to you for coaching and mentoring — whether it was part of your formal job description or not. People view you as a natural coach and mentor.

2. When you look back on your career, your most rewarding moments came when you helped develop someone to be more effective or advance in their careers. In fact, you might not have enjoyed everything about your various roles or certain cultures, but always loved when you helped develop others.

3. You feel something akin to a calling to help people get unstuck, build stronger organizations, or solve big problems related to leadership and/or organizational development.

If any or all of the above desribe you, and you have a track record of success in your career, then you have the potential to be a really successful executive and leadership coach.

Get started with your training and certification now so that you have the skills and can jump in at anytime. Coaching is a fantastic career, including for your encore career and as something to add to what you are already doing now. But… you want to be ready to go, and that means starting sooner rather than later. You also need to get practical, results-driven training that will delight your clients, and support building your practice. We provide you with exactly that; I guarantee it.

Visit us now to find a program that is best for you ( If you have been putting this training off, stop it. Why delay something you were made to do for a living? We even arrange financing for you so that your monthly cash flow is not an issue. You can attend our in-person seminar (which includes ongoing support) or our distance learning program and start anytime.

Please email me any rants, raves, or other comments, or get in touch to schedule a discussion about your goals as a coach and whether our program is right for you:

My cell is 941-539-9623; unlike other programs, I don’t force you to talk to all sorts of admissions representatives and salespeople. We are a boutique program with unique content based on what the market requires.

Andrew Neitlich

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