What being a leadership-level coach can make possible for you

How much do you love your career? Studies show that 75% – 85% of people did not, and in fact do not like their jobs at all.

There was a time, before I became an executive coach, that I would have given thanks for everything in my life — except my job. Back then I made great money but I worked too many hours, with too much travel, in a culture and with people that I didn't especially like. I was burning out and needed a big change.

That change came when I started a coaching practice.

Here is what coaching made possible, and can make happen for you, too — if you get into it the right way:

– I work from home with extremely flexible hours.

– I choose my clients, and they are all phenomenal and fascinating people making great things happen in the world.

– I spend lots of time with my kids and haven't missed one of their swim meets or piano recitals in a decade.

– I play tennis any time I want.

– I only travel when I want to, usually to really cool places around the world to work with great clients.

– This year I will make 4.5 times more than what I ever made as an employed executive!

– I get to speak at great venues, and I've written 3 books with one of my heroes, Guerrilla Marketing founder Jay Conrad Levinson.

You can do something similar, or achieve whatever you want as an executive-level coach. Coaching is an incredibly flexible career and you can use it to achieve your goals for a fulfilling and satisfying life, according to your own personal aspirations and vision.

The only catch is that it takes a special person to coach at the leadership level. You have to be able to engage leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent. Not everyone can do this. But if you can, the sky is the limit and the opportunities are incredible!

Contact me anytime on my personal cell at 941-539-9623 if you would like to explore how the Center for
Executive Coaching might be able to help you.

Next Thanksgiving, you might be one of the very few who gives heartfelt thanks about your career.

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