Where do you go when you need help writing a coaching proposal? Someone to make sure your coaching website is doing the job? Someone to talk to to make sure you have the best possible approach to helping a new coaching client?

If you are a member of the Center for Executive Coaching, that kind of support is built in for life — and it is something that sets us far apart from other coach training programs.

For instance, in the last 12 hours here are examples of the support our members received:

– One member wanted a proposal template tailored to his current coaching engagement. I sent him advice about how to adapt his current proposal, including specific language about client confidentiality that was crucial for this type of engagement. He wrote back, “Hugely helpful, Andrew. Your integrity in delivering on your brand promise continues to impress me.”

– A second touched base, as she does often, about various client issues, and wrote:

“I wanted to share that my client has been so impressed by the work I’ve done over the past 3 months that they have expanded the scope of the coaching to 4 senior leaders (right now I am working with 2) through the end of 2012. The COO said that she has not seen a coach move people off the dime so quickly. She says they are happier, more strategic and better communicators. This is an affirmation of my abilities as a coach due to the training I’ve received through CEC/you.”

– A third member wanted support with a new client. He has been engaged to help the client, a CEO of a large and rapidly growing company, to develop the attitudes and behaviors to be able to build a company that he can sell in five years. Right now it seems that the CEO doesn’t trust people, and may not have the right people in the right positions. The coach sent me a long email detailing his questions about how to approach this situation. Rather than answer by email, we set a time to speak at 7:45 pm my time. On the call, we discussed and improved his plan, and I sent him two coaching templates he could use to work with his client. He wrote back, “You rock!”

– A 4th and a 5th member each asked for a review of their websites. In our series of marketing calls we have just covered what a best-practice coaching website must look like (most coaches have generic, plain vanilla websites that do little or nothing for them), and I provided some advice. In one case, I used the “track changes” button to edit their copy and suggest improvements.

The above is the kind of support you can expect when you join the Center for Executive Coaching — and you get that support for life. That’s why people who joined us five years ago still stay in touch, and even still come on our live, interactive webinars to brush up and learn new skills.

Would you find value in this level of support?

If you are a coach who wants better training and tools; if you are a consultant, trainer, speaker, or professional who wants to add coaching to your offerings; if you are an executive or leader looking for an encore career; or if you are a therapist or clinician seeking to add coaching to your services — then feel free to call me anytime at 941-539-9623 to see if there is a fit. It will help to review an overview of our approach, philosophy and your program options here. (Note: This is a long page. Please scroll down to review everything).

Best regards,
Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director
Center for Executive Coaching
Co-Author: Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches
Personal Cell: 941-539-9623

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