Why coaches should be offering a High-Performance Coaching Academy to clients

An ongoing challenge for coaches is how to have more impact with clients while generating more income and being seen as a more credible resource for bringing value in the marketplace.

Providing one-on-one and group coaching are core services that define one's coaching practice.

At the same time, every coach should be thinking about a range of programs and services to offer clients. These can include: low-cost offerings like ebooks, webinars and books; mid-range services like seminars, membership programs, and information products, and high-end programs that can include facilitated retreats, certifications, and private high-end coaching.

One solution that offers huge potential and is well within the sweet spot of most coaches is the High-Performance Coaching Academy. We are seeing great traction with this concept in the market, and this article describes it in more depth.

The High-Performance Coaching Academy solves a few problems in the market today:

1. Traditional leadership development training has failed. In fact, the failure is so great that many articles have dubbed it the "Great Training Robbery." Billions of dollars have been wasted trying to force feed managers immutable laws and principles that have no impact on their performance or organizations. Many companies are NOT training managers only to avoid wasting these dollars.

2. High-potential managers get bored to death by traditional approaches to leadership development — and yet these are exactly the managers and leaders that can benefit from development the most. This population requires a unique, flexible, dynamic and extremely customize program to stay engaged and achieve tangible results.

3. Many small- to mid-sized companies need to develop bench strength, but do not have the resources to develop their own in-house programs.

With your own High-Performance Coaching Academy, you can solve these problems. You do this by providing a totally unique, powerful model that gets results for clients with an applied approach that combines coaching, training, peer support, case studies, accountability, and a single-minded focus on improving performance again and again.

A High-Performance Coaching Academy brings together around 8 to 18 professionals who meet monthly for four hours a month, over a period of six months to a year. Each session starts by sharing results during the past month, moves into content, and ends with accountability for results during the next month. The content is not didactic or academic, but rather is laser-focused on one thing that each participant can bring back to their job and organization to improve results. For instance, one session might focus on engaging employees while another might focus on improving relationships with one's manager or strategic planning.

The facilitator offers coaching sessions at the start and end, and a graduation at the end of the program summarizes results for each participant.

The program has results baked in throughout, and there is nowhere for participants to hide. The format forces them to focus on performance improvements from start to finish, with support to assure that they stay on track.

There are many ways to adapt this concept:

– You can offer public Coaching Academies with a mix of participants from different organizations in your community, or facilitate the in-house Coaching Academy of a company.

– Build in an assessment tool, whether to show how to use data to understand different styles, or a before and after leadership competency measurement tool.

– Include speakers from the community or company to discuss success stories, company values and strategy, or introduce key decision makers.

– Add case studies based on issues the group might be facing together.

The once challenge for coaches is developing ready-made content. Fortunately, the Center for Executive Coaching has a proven, turnkey High-Performance Coaching Academy ready to go for you. It includes a scripted Facilitator's Guide that leads you through everything you need to say minute-by-minute, Participant's Manuals, forms to manage each session, agendas, and even marketing materials and training.

You can even get a Starter Kit to run your first class of 8 people for just $897, which gives you an amazing ROI when you consider that the market rate is $2500 up to $4500 PER PARTICIPANT for a High-Performance Coaching Academy. There is even a 30-day money back guarantee.

To give you a sneak peak of our approach and content, please join us for our upcoming webinars. You can register by clicking here.


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