Alyssa Snider

I was fortunate to attend the Center for Executive Education in-person certification in May 2018. This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It quickly became clear to me that I had chosen the right coaching certification program for me; the content of the program was top notch, the toolkits and follow up calls present unlimited opportunity to continue your education and deepen your skillset, and the other participants in the class were so impressive. It was worth every dollar of the money spent to attend.

Andrew’s teaching style is very engaging. He moves quickly enough to not allow boredom to enter the room, and stops when needed to bring people along. One of the things I appreciated most about Andrew is that he doesn’t mince words. If you’re not getting it right, he’s not going to coddle you. For me, this approach was extremely effective – tell me what to fix, so that I can do it. He does this from a place of truly caring about you, as a coach and as an individual. He’s responsive to questions, both in the calls and or email/phone messages.

I’m grateful to have Andrew in my life as a coach/teacher/mentor, and hope that you too have the opportunity to work with him one day. As an internal coach, I was initially skeptical if I’d find value in the setting up a coaching business information, but I found that it opened doors in my mind for future opportunities.

Thank you Andrew!