Ann Dieleman, MBA, CEC

I had been researching executive coaching programs for some time when I discovered the Center for Executive Coaching. Days away from selecting submit to “XYZ program”, I met a graduate of the “XYZ program” and a graduate of the CEC program. During our lunch the CEC graduate raved about the program. The XYZ graduate stated the one they went to would be a waste of my money and time. After a brief call with Andrew, I enrolled in the CEC.

I often hear “you’re unlike most executive coaches I meet…in a good way.” Why? Enrolling in the CEC was one of the best investments I made for my clients and my practice.
• The technique Andrew uses is straightforward, pragmatic, results-oriented. He pushes you to achieve while encouraging with doses of humor and sprinkles of lessons he’s learned.
• The methodologies equip you to solve most any problem you encounter with a client and create immediate impact for the companies they lead and for them as a leader.
• With the relationships you create at the Seminar, graduates you’ll connect with online and ongoing support from Andrew, you gain a network to some of the best executive coaches in the World for continued learning.

If you’re serious about mastering the craft of executive coaching, this program is for you. Simply ask a graduate you meet at lunch.