Kathryn Lowell

Andrew’s in-person executive coaching training fulfilled all my requirements – clear, logical instruction, bountiful ongoing resources and practical no-nonsense strategies for building a coaching practice and attracting high quality clients.

Andrew’s personal style is direct and inspiring. He has a teaching and coaching style that gets to the heart of the matter faster than you imagined possible. It is a rare training scenario that manages to captivate and engage the participants, leave them with baked-in skills and provide a community of ongoing support and motivation – such is Andrew’s Center for Executive Coaching.

I heartily recommend Andrew Neitlich to any aspiring coaches or existing coaching professionals wanting to cut through noise and provide the highest possible value for their clients. I also commend Andrew for creating a network of exceptional individuals in the field. If you are lucky enough to have Andrew as your own leadership coach or as a coach for your business, you have the best!