Misha Slade, CEC

I researched for months to find the best ICF coaching certification program and I am so glad I found Andrew. Andrew and the Center for Executive Coaching have completely changed the game. He uses an extraordinary hybrid of consulting and coaching techniques that can be used in virtually any business setting. As a consultant, I find my clients grateful for the new approach that I use to help them grow in their organizations.

Andrew attracts the highest level executives, business people and seasoned coaches and has found a way to help them grow from any level. He believes in his coaches and always approaches them from the highest level of understanding, challenging us to do the same with our clients. He has a witty sense of humor, he is caring and attentive to all his students, always willing to give wise advice and powerful coaching. He is impeccable as a business advisor with a wide range of understanding, experience and wisdom. I highly recommend anyone thinking about a program to consider Andrew and the Center for Executive Coaching as their first option.