Ron Tester

I was very circumspect when it came to evaluating coach training programs. I spent many hours mulling over websites, watching videos, reading industry standards, reviewing marketing collateral, and seeking opinions from those I respect. In the end, I chose to participate in Andrew’s Center for Executive Coaching. I am extraordinarily thankful that I made that choice. Andrew is a gifted teacher who shares his experience, insights and methodology with clarity and humor. Despite his impressive resume, education and accomplishments, he doesn’t dominate as he teaches, choosing instead to collaborate with coaching students in the learning process. Don’t misunderstand—he has a structured, rigorous methodology that prepares executive coaches to make a significant impact. He just shares his methodology in a human, humorous way. During our frequent interactions, Andrew has always been welcoming and insightful, an ally who wants what is best for us because it makes us better for our clients. I strongly recommend Andrew as a coach/instructor and the Center for Executive Coaching as the program of choice to learn effective executive coaching.