Steve Garguilo

Andrew and the Center for Executive Coaching stand out from competing programs for two main reasons: 1.) The incredible wealth of frameworks, toolkits, and resources; and 2.) Andrew’s accessibility. If you’re someone who’s considering Executive Coaching training, Andrew will provide you with myriad resources — well beyond those that any other organization provides. Want a framework for Strategic Planning? You’ve got it. Want something for Facilitation? It’s there. How about Negotiation? You bet. You’ll have templates and starting points galore that are tremendously helpful to allow you to rapidly frame your thinking in a coaching situation. Then, Andrew’s accessibility is the icing on the cake. He’s an incredibly busy guy, but you get his phone number and his e-mail address and a lifetime of support from him. Few people would be so generous with their most precious asset. Whether you’re looking for a certification or looking for training to make you a better coach or looking for some coaching for yourself, look no further than the CEC.