All of the Center for Executive Coaching Certification Options Now Include 60 Hours for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) Certification

The BCC is a growing certification offered by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) that has the advantage of being more straightforward to acquire than the ICF certifications. The CEC’s 60 hour training program meets or exceeds the CCE’s training requirement for experienced coaches or anyone with a qualifying Master’s degree or higher. In addition to our approved coach training for your BCC, you will need at least 30 hours of coaching experience, and you can count all coaching experience since your highest level of education was completed!

To meet the BCC application requirements, you must do the following:

One: Complete 60 hours of training in our curriculum that fits the BCC requirements and allocation. We provide you with a tracking tool and during our orientation we point you in the right direction. We also hold group orientations each week, and will meet with you one-on-one to orient you if you are not able to attend.

Of the 60 hours of training, 35 hours are required and the rest can be chosen from among electives. The training includes review of six recordings of your coaching (we match you up with fellow members for this) — including your self-assessment for each reviewed coaching session and documentation that you have demonstrated the behaviors/domains that the BCC has identified. Click here to see your curriculum, learning objectives, and how to complete the program

You can join live classes according to this schedule, and also go through the program asynchronously via recordings of classes in your member area. Of course, when you join, you receive a detailed “real time” schedule of the exact modules and when you can access them.

The platform we use for live classes is Zoom. You receive a link to join. You also receive access to our online member area, where you can review recordings, download all program materials, and connect with fellow participants. We have anytime enrollment, and so you may join anytime.

The program includes one-on-one support throughout your program. You may reach out anytime with questions about completing the program and about coaching.

Two: You need 30 hours of coaching experience, and you can count all coaching experience since your highest level of education was achieved. Note that peer coaching does not count, and so you should register for this program only if you already have the required coaching experience or will achieve it within 2-4 months of registering.

Three: Once you complete the above and receive our Certificate, apply to the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) for their certification, which includes their application process and sitting for their exam.

Note: For full eligibility requirements and how to apply for the BCC certification with the CCE, please visit their website at

All of our certification programs include the BCC certification training at no additional cost to you. This means that you still receive all of our materials and ongoing support including:

Training manuals shipped to you.
Ongoing access to our live weekly teleclasses.
Member area with hundreds of hours of recorded teleclasses, webinars, and leadership coach demonstration videos.
Our famous toolkit of 27 coaching solutions to pressing problems that leaders, managers, teams, business owners, and up-and-coming talent face.
Ongoing business development support and resources, including access to our Business Development Intensive, which is the leading business development program in the industry.
Ongoing, personalized support, whether about coaching or business development issues.
Membership and access to our global network of coaches. Our members have a distinguished record of achievement.

Whether you sign up for our distance learning program, seminar option, or full ICF Training, you still have access to this program.

The cost for the program via distance learning is $5,000 and includes our Certified Executive Coach designation and the training for the BCC certification. It also includes our full distance learning program and ongoing support; access to our member area with hundreds of hours of audio lectures, video demonstrations, and webinars; weekly live teleclasses; marketing materials and support; toolkits that you can use immediately with clients; matching up with other CEC coaches to practice and improve your coaching skills; and and a 423-page proprietary textbook delivered to you in the mail and available via pdf. You can pay $4,900 up front or ten monthly installments of $500.

While registering, you can also choose to attend our acclaimed intensive seminar to accelerate your training hours by 30 hours. Click here to learn more about our seminar option. The cost including the seminar, which includes the distance learning program and ongoing support, is $7,350 if you pay up front or ten monthly installments of $750.

Register for the BCC/Distance Learning option

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