Train your consultants in the best practices of executive and leadership coaching to have more impact and strengthen relationships with clients

The Center for Executive Coaching has its roots in top-tier management consulting firms, and members of our program have come from firms including Deloitte, Accenture, Bain, and Booz Allen Hamilton. At one of the world’s largest executive advisory firms, we trained dozens of senior consultants as Certified Executive Coaches; in a confidential survey, 100% said they would recommend our executive coach training to colleagues and other consultants.

We understand the consulting world, and know that the best consultants use coaching skills to get results with clients.
In fact, one could argue that the most valuable moments for a consulting client come when consultant and client sit down face to face and have what we would call a coaching conversation about the right course of action and how to overcome all manner of challenges to make it happen.

As coaching has evolved as a profession, it now has a formal set of competencies, toolkits, and methodologies. These can equip consultants with a powerful, practical set of conversations and skill sets to move clients from having an intellectual understanding of the right course of action to actual implementation and measurable results. In turn, coaching skills strengthen trust and rapport between consultant and client, and solidify long-term relationships.

For this reason, a number of consulting firms have engaged us to train their consultants in the best practices of executive coaching. This includes:

  • One of the world’s top search, executive development, succession planning firms.
  • A leading healthcare management consulting firm.
  • A global search and leadership advisory firm.

In addition, individual consultants and small groups of consultants from some of the world’s top consulting firms often use their professional development allotment to get trained and certified with us.

We invite you to do the same. Please reach out today to discussion your needs in more depth:

How consulting firms can increase client results with coaching methodologies & toolkits

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Following are additional reasons why consulting firms might want to train some or all of their consultants in best-practice coaching skills:

Add coaching as a new service offering, and capture revenue from the growth of executive and leadership coaching.
Enhance your existing change leadership and organizational development practices.
Improve your ability to move clients forward in high-stakes situations.
Professionally develop consultants with an important skill set.

The Center for Executive Coaching is an accredited Level 2 coach training organization (formerly called ACTP) with the International Coach Federation and a leading provider of executive-level coach training. Unlike many other coach training programs, our content is practical and results-oriented, and emphasizes results, impact, and value for clients.

Content is customized to your needs and can include:
We will train your consultants in the way that suits your organization best. Options include:
In-house training. We will come to your organization to train your employees. A typical training can last between two and four days. Trainings can be supported with our distance learning and online options.
Distance-learning. Consultants can join our public distance learning program or we can create a private cohort specifically for your firm. This can include a series of teleclasses and/or webinars that can be recorded and placed in a private member area for ongoing learning, along with our videos and training manuals.
Individual training. For a small number of consultants, joining our public certification program might be the most convenient option.
Train-the-trainer. We can train your in-house trainers to deliver our coach training programs to your consultants.
Custom training. We will work quickly to customize a program that fits your precise needs.
Coaching solution build out. If you are going to launch a coaching solution to clients, we can assist in the build out, from training staff in a consistent approach to creating marketing materials.
Contact us at or call us now at 941-539-9623 to discuss your needs in more depth.