For Internal Coaches and Coaching Groups:
Top Organizations Rely on the Center for Executive Coaching for Executive Coach Certification for their Internal Coaches and Internal Coaching Groups

As coaching continues to grow as a profession, the expectations of your internal clients grow, too. They demand results from coaching. They will not tolerate coaches – internal or external – that do not get results, that use jargon, that do not have a clear path to results, that are what we call “light weight.” This is even more important for your internal coaches.
We would argue that it is harder, and yet more important, for internal coaches to build credibility in an organization. You have only one audience, and you have to get it right. You need practical, powerful coaching methodologies that have impact, build relationships, and gain credibility.
Unfortunately, most internal coaching training programs – even many approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) – do not do the job.

The Center for Executive Coaching is different. We are an accredited Level 2 coach training organization (formerly called ACTP) with the ICF, and we go far beyond the ICF’s stringent requirements. That’s because we focus not just on coaching competencies, but on what executive- and leadership-level clients expect from a credible coaching professional. Everything we teach is focused on getting results, having impact, and addressing the most pressing challenges that executives, leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent face. Our approach to internal coaching is practical and results-oriented, without the fluff, jargon, and academic theory that cause so many executives and managers to get impatient and roll their eyes. You receive instant access to toolkits, methodologies, and approaches that you can put to work right away to solve pressing problems for your internal clients, get results, and continue to enhance your credibility.

Note that our content can also be easily adapted to applied leadership development solutions that combine training, peer support, group coaching, as with leadership academy/university models for high-potential managers.

For this reason, professionals from organizations including Aflac, Macys, Fedex, Microsoft, Nvidia, Kaiser-Permanente, Ascension Health, New York Life, Cisco, Coca-Cola, various branches of the US Department of Defense and US Military, the NBA, University of Florida, UPS, and dozens more have come to us for coach training.

We have also trained entire internal coaching groups for organizations, including:

  • A hedge fund with offices in seven countries.
  • A leading pharmaceutical/life sciences company.
  • One of the largest logistics and transportation/delivery companies in the world.
  • A publicly-traded technology company specializing in cyber security.
  • A healthcare delivery system with almost 10,000 employees.
  • A global civil engineering firm.
  • A leading Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company.

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We invite you to train your internal coaching group through the Center for Executive Coaching. We can train you, and also offer a train-the-trainer program.

Please reach out anytime to discuss your goals with internal coaching:

Here are 5 keys to a best-in-class internal coaching group

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– A regional healthcare system has trained three cohorts of coaches over three years with the Center for Executive Coaching curriculum and methods, and experienced significant improvements in employee engagement.
A global hedge fund growing at 20 percent per year has trained two cohorts of coaches over two years in order to develop more managers and compete for top talent in a highly competitive talent market. These coaches have come from multiple countries and diverse cultural backgrounds.
A Fortune 500 insurance company has engaged the Center for Executive Coaching for years to train internal coaches and coach trainers. These coaches are working with all levels of leadership to improve individual, team, and unit performance.
A leading pharmaceutical company has used our program to train internal coaches to coach managers in both the sales unit and R&D unit to improve their ability to engage teams, retain talent, and develop future leaders. The growth in demand for coaching in their organization has created the need to continue to train internal coaches as well as managers on the best-practices of coaching competencies.
A healthcare system has used our program to create peer coaching program for physicians and physician leaders, with the goal of reducing burnout, conflict, and of making the transition to clinical leadership roles smoother and more effective.
The nuclear power division of a major energy utility trained internal coaches to help highly analytical, technically-oriented leaders develop communication flexibility, improve their ability to resolve conflict, and develop a broader range of executive leadership skills.

Our Custom Internal Coaching Program Adapts to You

Content is customized to your needs and can include:
We will train your consultants in the way that suits your organization best. Options include:
In-house training. We will come to your organization to train your in-house coaching team. A typical training can last between two and four days. Trainings can be supported with our distance learning and online options.
Online Learning. Your internal coaches can join our online program or we can create a private cohort specifically for your coaching staff. This can include a series of teleclasses and/or webinars that can be recorded and placed in a private member area for ongoing learning, along with our videos and training manuals.
Individual training. For a small number of participants, joining our public certification program might be the most convenient option.
Train-the-trainer. We can train your in-house trainers to deliver our coach training programs.
Custom training. We will work quickly to customize a program that fits your precise needs.

Contact us at or call now at 941-539-9623 to discuss your needs in more depth.