For Professionals who Aspire to Be in the top 5% of executive-level and leadership coaches worldwide

Two decades of experience training and certifying successful executive coaches – proven tools and methods – focus on practical, measurable results

About the program

The Center for Executive Coaching is an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved training program that trains and certifies executive and leadership coaches from major organizations around the world. Our graduates work with executives, managers, up-and-coming-talent, professionals in career transition, and entrepreneurs in dynamic companies, government agencies, and non-profits.

Unlike other coach training programs that are academic, theoretical, or just plain vacuous, our program emphasizes practical, measurable results for executives, managers, and other leaders. Graduates of our program report that they feel confident and competent as coaches, because they have the knowledge needed to really engage leaders and help them improve performance. At the same time, we are a boutique program committed to providing highly personalized, ongoing one-on-one support to participants.

Scroll down this page to review our curriculum, unique advantages, a comparison of your options, and a video tour of your member area.

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here is the center for executive coaching certified executive coach curriculum

Our curriculum also includes our Business Development Intensive for Coaches, which provides the best guidance in the industry for coaches who want to develop their own external coaching practice. Contact us for more details about this program as well as for any questions about our complete curriculum. Our program stands apart in terms of our practical orientation, emphasis on getting results and delivering value, personalized support, and experience in the executive and leadership coaching field.


part 1

Executive coaching foundations

  • Coaching defined
  • Why executives hire coaches, and what they expect
  • The orientations of the executive coach
  • ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies


part 2

The executive coaching process

  • The internal talking shop” coaching process
  • Your 3 or 4 part proprietary process & methodology
  • The coaching plan
  • The coaching contract
  • Defining results and clear expectations for a return on investment up front
  • Getting all stakeholders in the coaching process on the same page up front
  • (Special session for internal coaches): Setting up an effective internal coaching group


part 3

The key coaching conversations to get results with clients


part 4

Assessing the client and situation

  • 360-degree verbal assessment
  • Off-the-shelf assessments
  • The leader’s dashboard
  • Six other methods to assess the client


part 5

Coaching situations for individual effectiveness

  • Coach to change or develop a new behavior
  • Coach to shift a limiting perception
  • Communicate simply and powerfully
  • Influence others
  • Manage time and handle overwhelm
  • Think comprehensively about an issue
  • Develop leadership presence
  • Coaching when personal issues overlap with work


part 6

Coaching situations for strong professional relationships

  • Improve one’s powerbase of professional relationships
  • Engage and mobilize employees
  • Manage up
  • Resolve a conflict
  • Foster collaboration inside and outside the organization
  • Build a great team


part 7

Coaching to support organizational initiatives

  • Plan strategy
  • Lead change
  • Plan for succession
  • Service excellence
  • Create a high-performance culture
  • Board development and effectiveness
  • Why can’t we execute effectively?


part 8

Career coaching


part 9

Coaching methods for coaching owners of the small-to mid-sized, growing business

here is what sets the center for executive coaching apart....

There are many executive coach training and executive coach certification programs. In this article, we explain some of the reasons the Center for Executive Coaching is different.
1. We focus first on coaching methods and processes that get results for clients in specific situations. Other programs emphasize theory, or a particular philosophy. We start with the pressing challenges and opportunities that leaders face, and the most effective and efficient ways to coach them through their situation.
2. To us, a coaching designation is only a starting point. It is important to have, but not sufficient for success. We go way beyond. We give you tools and methods to coach clients from start to finish, set up a successful practice, and stand apart in the field.
3. Proprietary, proven content. Other programs teach the basic coaching core competencies and generic listening skills, along with basic emotional intelligence, leadership, and psychology material that you can find in any book on the subject on Amazon. We give you content you can’t get anywhere else, based on years of testing and refining from actual work coaching clients in the field and discovering what gets results and causes clients to give referrals and invite the coach back for more work.
4. Our business development guidance is the best in the industry. Whether you are an internal or external coach, you need to position yourself to stand apart. No other program comes close to offering the marketing tools, guidance, and business development support that we do. We even review your marketing message and plan to grow your practice, and are here to discuss situations with prospective clients anytime you wish.
5. We recognize that you are probably going to want to do more than just coaching for your clients, and help you do it. Other programs assume you will only coach. However, clients also ask you to facilitate, assess, train, advise, and sometimes consult. We show you how to pivot so that you provide the solution your client expects. Our program prepares you to earn the right to be a true trusted advisor for your clients, and sit at the table with them as the highest-level strategic partner. We also guide you if you wish to write a book, speak, or undertake other projects to build your credibility as a coach and professional.
6. Personal support. You get on-one-one support whenever you need it. All you have to do is email us and we can schedule a meeting, usually within one business day. It is like having your own help desk on call for you.
7. The support is ongoing. It doesn’t end. We have members from 10 years ago who still contact us from time to time to check in and get our advice.
8. Your fellow students (we prefer to call them members) are fantastic. Top professionals from around the world join our program, so you get to learn from an amazing group of people. You can practice coaching with them and work with them to accumulate coaching hours for your ICF designation or BCC certification. Our members come from companies like Aflac, Amazon, Ancestry, Army Corps of Engineers, Ascension Health, AT&T, Bank of America, Booz Allen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brown University, Capital One, Caterpillar, Charles Schwab & Co., Cisco, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Dropbox, Duke Energy, General Atomics, General Electric, Google, Harvard Business School, Inland Steel, International Red Cross, J&J, Kaiser-Permanente, Laser Spine Institute, Lexis Nexis, Macy’s, McKinsey Consulting, Microsoft, MIT, NASA, National Basketball Association (NBA), Nike, Partners Healthcare, Procter & Gamble, Ralph Lauren, Regeneron, Stryker, United Nations, UPS, US Military (all branches), and Zappos. Our members come from almost every sector and industry of the economy and from top leadership roles.
9. You get proven, practical coaching methods, processes, and toolkits that have been road tested and proven around the world, in organizations of all sizes. Our proprietary Coaching Solutions Toolkit is included in our certification program, and has become famous in the coaching community for its practical, results-driven approach to the top challenges that leaders face.
10. The program is practical. It is not academic or theoretical, although it is grounded in best practices and applied theory from psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership research. There is no fluff. Everything we teach is meant to be applied in the field with clients in ways that get results — whether you are an internal or external coach.
11. All of the coach training, mentoring, and support you need to feel confident and be a great coach. There are many ways in the program to practice coaching, have us review your coaching, and be mentored. We are committed to your success and we are a small program, so we can take the time and effort to do what it takes!
12. We have two decades of experience and a great track record of delighted graduates. In fact, approximately 60% of our members come to us through referrals from other members. We train both internal and external coaches.
13.The program is flexible for your busy schedule. Everyone who takes our program is busy with work, children, studies….Our program lets you study at your pace. If you have just 3-4 hours per week you can complete our distance program in 2-4 months and our ICF program in 6-8 months. There is always a way to fit our program into your schedule if you really want to become a certified executive coach. That’s why we are rated the top coaching certification program for busy professionals.
14. The program is modular so that you can choose what works for your budget. You can start with our core program. Then, if you wish, you can add the ICF mentor coaching later on. You can also add a seminar later on, all at no penalty.
15. Multiple certifications are included with our program at no additional cost. With our program, you begin by achieving executive coaching certification. From there, with just a little more work you can receive our Career Coach and Business Coach certifications. You can even create your own specialty certification by completing a research project about how your coaching programs can help leaders and up-and-coming leaders in your specific marketplace (e.g., Technology Leadership Coach, Non-Profit Leadership Coach, Healthcare Leadership Coach, Diversity & Inclusion Coach….).
16. The faculty is excellent — and all of us have successful coaching practices. Did you know that at many other coaching schools the faculty have almost no clients? Not here. Our faculty members are seasoned coaches who know how to get results for clients.
17. With our anytime admission, you can start when you want, and there is no time limit to complete the program. Other programs force you to start at a certain date. Not us. Our rolling admission lets you start when you want. We have an orientation process that gets you up to speed so you can hit the ground running and get access to all resources on your timeline. Also, you can go at your pace, without a time limit to complete the program.
18. We match you up with a pool of fellow students/members for coaching practice, and this accelerates your skills as well as paid coaching hours if you seek an ICF designation. We have a large pool of coaches who want to get their ICF designation. We match coaches up regularly so that they can work together. By working with other coaches, practice hours count as paid hours. That way, you are eligible for your ICF designation more quickly.
19. We have been helping aspiring executive, leadership, career, and business coaches be successful for almost two decades; we know what we are doing. We have been doing this a long time. We learn constantly from the market, because we also work as coaches, and we keep refining our methodologies as the market continues to evolve. We don’t want to be the biggest — just the best — at least for seasoned, highly intelligent professionals who are serious about getting results for executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and up-and-coming talent.
(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)

What Your Receive – Program Comparisons

Career Coaching Methodology & Certification at no additional cost

Business Coaching Methodology & Certification at no additional cost

30 Proven, Practical, Results-Focused Leadership and Executive Coaching Toolkits and Solutions

423-page Proprietary Textbook The Way to Coach Leaders, Executives, and Managers

Access to hours of weekly, highly interactive webinars. We teach in mini-modules so you choose when to attend.

Massive member area with 90 hours of recorded webinars, all toolkits, reading list, Quick Coaching Reference Guide, and business development guides and tools

PowerPoint deck of leadership development solutions for training leaders and facilitating group challenges (over 400 slides!)

License to use and adapt our content

Training hours accredited with the International Coaching Federation

Over 20 hours of Business Development webinars, including how to launch your practice, attract clients, pricing, conversations to close engagements, create online programs, market the most effective ways.

Business development guides including sample proposal templates, how to choose a niche, how to write compelling marketing copy

One-on-one personalized support for coaching challenges and business development guidance

For internal coaches: Support and guidance to position internal coaching to be successful in your organization

Members-only LinkedIn Group to network and form alliances

We help you match with other coaches so that you can practice coaching and accumulate experience hours

Optional Specialty Certification: Create your own certification title and complete a research project to earn it (e.g., Technology Leadership Coach, Non-Profit Leadership Coach, Diversity & Inclusion Coach, Team Effectiveness Coach)

3-Day Intensive Seminar to accelerate your progress

Full ICF Level 1 AND Level 2 Training including 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching for your ICF designation

Ability to apply to the ICF via their easiest, fastest pathway - no recordings need to be sent for review to the ICF

Time to Get Certified

2-4 Months
3 Days

5-6 Months

5-6 Months

Up Front Cost


Monthly Cost via 10 Convenient Installments

$500 / month
$750 / month
$750 / month
$1000 / month

* We also now offer the ICF program WITH A CERTIFICATE PROGRAM THROUGH ST. JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY. Click here for more information.

What You Receive and Your Program Options

With the Center for Executive Coaching’s executive coaching certification, you have four options from which to choose. Every option includes our Distance Learning/Core Program option, described first. Join this program if you are not sure where to begin.

You can always add the other options later on by paying the difference in cost. We do it this way because some participants know they want an ICF designation and some are not sure. Similarly, some know they learn best in an intensive seminar format or want to accelerate their training while others do not.

Option One: Distance Learning/Core Program

If in doubt, choose this program. The only two things that are not included are the required International Coaching Federation Mentor Coaching and our intensive seminar. You can add one or both of these at anytime. If you already know that you want one or both of these options, you can add them now with the other options below.

Start time: Start anytime. When you join, you get an orientation to the foundations of coaching so that you can jump right in. All of our classes stand on their own and give you opportunities to learn how to coach, no matter where you begin.

Duration: 2-4 months. Complete this program by submitting recordings of your coaching (we match you up with fellow members to make it easy) that we review with you.


Investment: $4,900 or 10 monthly installments of $500.

For even more information click here or register directly here.

Option Two: FULL International Coaching Federation (ICF) Training

If you already know you want an ICF designation, then this is the program for you. You receive everything described above with the Distance Learning/Core Program PLUS the required ICF Mentor Coaching. The training we provide allows you to get all of the training hours you need to apply to the ICF for their ACC and/or PCC designation. You can start with the ACC and upgrade to the PCC later, or apply directly for the PCC. Please check the International Coaching Federation website to understand their requirements, but take comfort in knowing that when you join us there are no additional fees other than applying to the ICF and we give you the easiest path to apply to the ICF. (Other programs will require you to go through a lengthy performance evaluation with the ICF; not with us!).

Start time: Start anytime. When you join, you get an orientation to the foundations of coaching so that you can jump right in. All of our classes stand on their own and give you opportunities to learn how to coach, no matter where you begin. 

Duration: 5-6 months. This is due to ICF rules.


Investment: $7,350 or 10 monthly installments of $750. Remember that this program includes the full Distance Learning/Core Program and everything included with that.

For even more information click here or register directly here.

Note: If you want a university certificate along with your ICF training and don’t mind paying a little bit more, we also now offer ICF Training WITH A CERTIFICATE PROGRAM THROUGH SAINT JOSEPH’S UNIVERSITY. Click here for more information. 

Option Three: Intensive Executive Coaching Certification Seminar

Participants rave about our intensive seminars. They take place via Zoom, move at a fast and engaging pace, and give you plenty of opportunities to become competent and confident as an executive coach. Our seminars have become known as game changers for careers and coaching capabilities.

They also include EVERYTHING described in our Distance Learning/Core Program so that you can take advantage of ongoing learning and reinforcement, or to achieve additional ICF training hours if an ICF designation is your goal.

The seminar is completely optional and adds $2,500 to the Distance Learning/Core program. Participants report that it is among their most valuable and enjoyable professional development trainings they have ever experienced.

Dates: We offer our seminars every 2-3 months. Click here to see upcoming dates, and email us anytime for future dates if you can’t attend the dates listed.

Duration: We now have a 3-day weekday format and a 2-day weekend format. You choose which works best for you! You still get the full support and ongoing learning opportunities from our distance learning program.

Agenda: Click here to see the high-level agenda for the 3-day seminar format. We now also offer a weekend seminar for those who can’t attend during weekdays. Click here to see the agenda for that version.


Investment: $7,350 or 10 monthly installments of $750. Remember that the seminar option includes the complete Distance Learning/Core Program and everything that comes with that.

For even more information click here or register directly here 

Option Four: All of the Above…Intensive Virtual Seminar plus full ICF Training

This is your fastest, most comprehensive path for the ICF training plus our acclaimed seminar. It includes everything described above: The Distance Learning/Core Training, ICF Mentor Coaching and full ICF training for your ACC and/or PCC, and our 3-day intensive certification seminar.

Investment: $9,800 or 10 monthly installments of $1,000.

* We also now offer the ICF program WITH A CERTIFICATE PROGRAM THROUGH ST. JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY. Click here for more information.

How it Works Step-by-Step

This program is for you if you want our methodologies, ongoing guidance, best-practice content, Certified Executive Coach designation, and you learn well in a distance learning environment. You can add a seminar and/or the ICF training program for an ICF designation now or at any time.


Register on this page. Scroll down and choose to pay up front or in convenient monthly installments.


You receive a welcome email within one business day with instructions to log into your member area and access our massive library of content and learn how to join our live webinars.


We have an orientation call to make sure you are ready to go and answer any questions you have. Note that this is only one of as many calls as you would like to have to support your success throughout the program.


Join our live, interactive webinars when convenient. We have hours of live webinars each week. Each is different. Each is recorded for anytime access. Click here for a schedule.


Take full advantage of the resources in your member area, including: coaching methodologies, coaching plans, business development guidance, sample proposals, and past recorded webinars.


Receive our Certified Executive Coach Certification by completing 45 hours of training and by submitting up to six 30-60 minute recorded coaching conversations for review. Don't worry -- we match you up with fellow members to complete the recordings. We work with you closely to make sure you complete the program successfully.


Yes, we match you up with other coaches via our coach matching service, so that you can practice coaching and keep getting better.


You can add the additional training needed for the International Coach Federation designation now or later.


You can do extra work to qualify for our additional certifications, all at no extra cost. This includes Business Coach and Career Coach certification. You can also do a special research project to create your own specialty certification (e.g., Non-profit Leadership Coach, Technology Leadership Coach, Healthcare Leadership Coach). If you have a Masters Degree or higher, you can also complete the requirements for the Board Certified Coach with the Center for Credentialing and Education.


You get ongoing support anytime you need it.


By the end of this program you will be confident and competent as a coach and know how to work with executives, leaders, managers, business owners, and up-and coming talent.

Here Is Additional Information About Our Program Format and What You Receive

Our live, interactive classes are at flexible times and you can attend as your schedule permits. Perfect for busy professionals! See the schedule here.

Review the Table of Contents of our textbook, which gives you a more in-depth look at our curriculum.

Read what our graduates say....

(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)

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