Begin Your Path to Coaching Success With Certification

Gain your executive coaching certificate and develop the skill set to launch a career that will have significant impact. Our blend of practical knowledge, supportive community, and flexible, real-world application prepares you for success.

Key Challenge

Finding the right program to support you in your quest for executive coach certification can be daunting and confusing.

Our Solutions

The Center for Executive Coaching offers certification programs that equip you with the skills and tools necessary to offer services to clients that get practical, measurable results through a curriculum that focuses on practical application and results while also grounded in accepted theory.

Real Results

Our programs help professionals emerge as skilled, CEC-certified executive coaches with a 96% graduation rate, an instant network of peers, and the experience to meet their clients’ needs.

The Center for Executive Coaching offers a wide range of flexible and comprehensive training options tailored for professionals seeking to make their unique mark in executive coaching. By focusing on real-world applications, we make sure you not only gain practical coaching skills but also have the tools necessary to drive your new career and business forward.

Whether you're just starting out, seeking to enhance your coaching practice with additional certifications, or looking to develop internal coaching within an organization, our flexible programs set the stage for executive coaching success.

Curriculum that focuses on practical application and results while still grounded in accepted theory

Multiple paths to certification, including ICF and BCC designations

Ongoing support and business development guidance or internal organizational support to ensure a successful coaching practice


What’s Included

Regardless of which program you choose to pursue, all of our executive coaching programs are flexible and built on the same foundation of proven best practices in executive coaching training.

Executive Coaching Foundations

Begin with the core foundations of executive coaching, defining its scope and understanding what executives seek in coaches. Incorporate the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies to establish a strong framework and orientation for coaching.

The Coaching Process and Client Engagement

Detail our practical coaching process, including planning, contracting, and setting clear ROI expectations. Focus on aligning all stakeholders, utilizing assessments to understand the client’s situation fully, and establishing effective coaching strategies for individual effectiveness and organizational initiatives.

Advanced Coaching Strategies

Cover key conversations and methods to drive client results, as well as address various coaching situations focusing on professional relationships, organizational support, career coaching, and business owner coaching. This phase deepens the coach’s ability to handle complex scenarios and broaden their impact across different coaching domains.

Highlighted Program
Core Distance Learning Program

Perfect for people who prefer to work through the program online and at their own pace

All graduates receive a Certified Executive Coach designation with all work counting toward future International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) certifications

Practical and comprehensive toolkits and resources, a broad community of fellow coaches, and ongoing support from our ICF-certified faculty


Find the right executive coaching training program for you

Core Distance Learning Program

Our foundational program is ideal for individuals who are certain they want to start their executive coaching training path, but are undecided about pursuing specific certification designations like International Coaching Federation (ICF) or Board Certified Coach (BCC). It provides a comprehensive program on executive coaching, with the flexibility to begin at any time and complete your certificate at your own pace, typically within 2-4 months.

Our ICF certification is a self-paced program based on the same modules found in our core program plus all the hours and mentor coaching needed for full ICF Level 1 & 2 designation. The program typically lasts 5-6 months and provides comprehensive preparation that goes beyond typical ICF programs while also including ICF-mandated mentor coaching and practical experience hours.

These seminars are offered as both virtual and in-person experiences and are designed for people who prefer to learn in an intensive, interactive setting over a self-paced program. Upon completion, attendees immediately achieve Certified Executive Coach certification, setting themselves up to pursue ICF designation if wanted. Attendees also gain access to all the resources from our Core Distance Learning Program.

This program is our most comprehensive offering and includes our Core Distance Learning Program, ICF mentor coaching hours, and the opportunity to join one of our 2- or 3-day virtual intensive seminars. This program provides a wealth of opportunity to learn and practice executive coaching skills in multiple formats, completion as fast as desired, and all the same support and member site access available through all of the CEC programs.

Gain certification through our engaging interactive classes, hands-on practice, comprehensive tools, and personalized support — all done at your own pace and all counting toward a future ICF designation if you desire.

The most straightforward and flexible path to ICF certification in the market, covering all live training hours necessary for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

A flexible, efficient way to earn the growing Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation and broaden your coaching abilities.

Our Certified Team Coach program elevates your coaching services to address a rapidly growing need and equips you with a versatile toolkit for both internal and external clients.

Get the same comprehensive certification and resources as our Core program, tailored for individuals who prefer the engagement of in-person, accelerated learning.

Enjoy the same comprehensive certification and resources from our Core program while completing certification virtually in just 2-3 days.

Get a full library of comprehensive and proven tools and be part of a supportive community to improve coaching outcomes and your business.

“I graduated from two Ivy League universities. I learned more from the Center for Executive Coaching than I did from any professors at those schools. Great teaching and methodology!”

— Steve Goldin

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