4 great coaching niches for you to get into

We keep discovering and sharing growing coaching niches to our members, and I am delighted to suggest 4 additional niches to you today.

ONE: Service Excellence Coaching. I write this while stranded at Tampa Airport, where a TSA bottleneck – led by the most surly-faced human being I have ever seen outside of a Zombie movie — caused 30 of us to miss our Air Tran flight. Then, the people behind the Air Tran desk were rude to us during re-booking; one of the reps even laughed at a customer and mocked her for continuing to ask questions.

This reminded me: Service excellence is still a hot topic in business, and needs to be. Companies of all sizes continue to miss the mark when it comes to delighting customers and creating raving fans.

Coaching is a fantastic delivery model for bringing service excellence to organizations in your market. We even give you a complete interactive toolkit and methodology to guide clients to what it really takes to deliver outstanding service, and use that as an edge in the market. Perhaps you can convince Air Tran to become your client; they need this kind of coaching desperately (I would try myself, but I have no interest in further dealings with this company or its people after today’s hassle)!

TWO: Succession Planning. You already know that the best leaders groom other leaders. In reality, this is a complex process. The leader and organization need to have many processes in place to prepare for succession of key roles. Again, coaching, is an efficient and effective way to help leaders think comprehensively about succession plans. Both our Center for Executive Coaching and Institute for Business Growth provide you with an interactive toolkit to work with clients on succession planning.

THREE: Create a high-performance culture. Once you engage a top executive for coaching, you can work with him or her to create a much higher-performing culture. The Center for Executive Coaching shows you a methodology for doing this – and you can build a million-dollar firm focusing on this for mid-sized and larger companies and their leaders. Register now to become a Certified Executive Coach with us and get access to this and 14 other interactive toolkits.

FOUR: Coach leaders through significant changes, including mergers/acquisitions and significant performance improvement. This is how I first got into coaching, and it has been a very rewarding niche for me — especially in the healthcare, non-profit, and technology spaces. Despite the cliché, change is not necessarily good at all. We show you how to work with clients to help guide their organizations through significant change – without any fluff or inauthentic pap about “change is good.” A fair number of our members specialize in coaching clients through change, and they are doing quite well while also doing good.

We continue to add interactive tools to both our Certified Executive Coach and Certified Business Coach programs so that you have a process in place to work with clients on their top issues – whether about leadership or growing their businesses. This is in addition to the marketing support, additional coach training content, and one-on-one, personalized support to help you attract more new clients and build your coaching practice.

As always, feel free to call me on my personal cell, below my signature line…

Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director
Cell: 941-539-9623

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