5 Reasons why NOW is the best time ever to become a Certified Executive Coach

If you have been sitting on the fence about becoming trained and certified as a Certified Executive Coach, following are five reasons why there has never been a better time than NOW.

First things first: When you do decide to take action, you will need best-practice executive coaching tools and methods. You will need the best business development guidance and one-on-one support you can get. You will need feedback and advice to become the best possible coach you can be, so that your clients get amazing results and refer you to others.

I promise you that the Center for Executive Coaching provides you these benefits, and more. You are a member with us ongoing, both before and after you achieve your Certification as a Certified Executive Coach and — if you want to go this route — your International Coach Federation designation (yes, we are accredited with the ICF). Unlike most other programs, we focus on delivering results in practical, efficient ways for you and for your demanding clients. We will stand with you from start to finish, and then whenever you need support. It is critical to choose the right program, and we will deliver for you — today and as your coaching practice evolves.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why NOW is the best time ever to become a Certified Executive Coach:

1. You can work from your home or other private office. If you are sick and tired of going to a big office all day long, now you will be able to make your own hours and work from the comfort and security of your home office or other private office. Coaching has evolved to the point that clients are comfortable speaking with you via phone or video platform. As the world gets more complex, having the option to work remotely is more attractive than ever.

2. You can get Certified with the Center for Executive Coaching as a Certified Executive Coach online, without travel. We have designed our program to fit the lives of busy adults. Yes, you can certainly come to any of our in-person seminars. You can also complete the entire program online via distance learning, at your pace and convenience. That flexibility is a feature that is becoming more and more attractive.

3. Have a flip-the-switch business that you can turn on anytime you wish. Times are getting more volatile than ever before, and they had already been uncertain. You need a Plan B, and/or an encore career plan. Executive Coaching is a very desirable next step in almost any leader’s or professional’s career. You can make an excellent income, enjoy flexible hours, work from wherever you want, and choose your clients. You also get to work on critical issues that your clients are facing. Being a Certified Executive Coach is a wonderful profession, and reduces your risk in uncertain times.

4. Clients need Certified Executive Coaches more than ever before. Many of my executive clients were overwhelmed enough before things like Covid-19 came around. Now they have to rethink their entire operating and human resource strategies, along with how to engage an increasingly virtual workforce that is stressed about current events. Leaders hire Certified Executive Coaches when they have big opportunities and challenges, and now is a time when they crave an objective sounding board more than ever before.

5. Get away from the grind. Many executives I am talking to right now are staying up all night handling the details of new HR strategies, risk mediation, and all sorts of new operational issues. Would you rather be stuck in the weeds handling these issues until you burn out, or would you rather work with leaders on the most critical strategic-level decisions? Which seems like more fun to you? If you have had enough, now is a great time to get Certified as a Certified Executive Coach.

Many would-be coaches obsess about whether they should or shouldn’t jump into this fantastic, rewarding profession. Is it that big a deal? The worst case is that you learn new skills, tools, and methods that you can use throughout your career. That’s the kind of risk anyone can take on in these times.

Join us today. You will be very glad you did, especially when your clients rave to you about the ways you are helping them be more successful during difficult times.

Please check out our website to choose the best program for you (Click Get Certified to see a list of possibilities). If you want to start soon and have a few questions, by all means email me anytime at andrewneitlich@centerforexecutivecoaching.com to arrange a discussion.

Now is the time!

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