5 Reasons YOU can beat existing executive coaches in the market

Professionals who want to become executive and leadership coaches ask, “How can I compete against coaches who have been in the market longer than I have?”

Here in this video are five reasons why you don’t have to worry. See also the transcript below…

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First, many coaches in the market today – despite having coaching credentials – did not receive the kind of training needed to be credible with executives and leaders. They come from life coaching-style schools, schools that focus on academics, or schools that teach cringe-worthy, eye-rolling jargon and pseudoscience. Worse, they only know how to ask never-ending, open-ended questions that quickly frustrate executives and leaders. This describes the majority of coaches and coach training programs in the market. In contrast, we give you the practical, results-focused, tools and methods that get efficient and effective results for your clients.

Second, many coaches lack substance. They don’t have a track record of success, experience, or studies that relate to helping leaders and up-and-coming leaders solve their most pressing problems. We feel so lucky at the Center for Executive Coaching because we attract amazing professionals. Some come from well-respected organizations, while others are experts in their fields, have a track record of proven results and leadership, or have found other ways to excel. If you have substance, we can help you craft a story that sets you apart and gives you credibility that other coaches simply haven’t earned.

Third, too many coaches don’t focus on the things that matter most to their clients. They focus selfishly on philosophical things that inspire them, rather than on what coaching clients care about, namely being successful in their careers, improving team performance, and building stronger and more successful organizations. You can succeed in this market if you know how to start with the client’s most pressing problems and how they define results, and show them how you can deliver. Clients want solutions and, while other coaches focus on selling coaching, we show you how to provide high-value solutions that really matter.

Fourth, many coaches have no way to tie their work to actual results. At the Center for Executive Coaching, we show you how to bake results and value into everything you do. For instance, right up front, we teach you to work with the client to confirm that, if the coaching is successful, the client will realize a compelling return on investment.

Finally, many coaches have no idea how to speak the language of their clients, and so they turn prospective clients off quickly. If you go to a coaching association meeting, you will hear embarrassing jargon, new age buzzwords, weak pseudoscience, and cringe-worthy philosophical gobbledygook. At the Center for Executive Coaching, we show you how to understand your clients’ most pressing challenges, speak their language, and get the results that matter most to them – in a practical, efficient, and effective way.

Meanwhile, we also have the best business development support and guidance in the business, guaranteed.

That way, when you join the Center for Executive Coaching, you learn how to position yourself strongly – even compared to other coaches that started sooner than you did. Our support is ongoing, and personalized to your situation. Visit us at https://centerforexecutivecoaching.com and join us today. You will love the results you get and the way you accelerate your success!

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