9 cases of CEC members and coaches doing the right things to grow their firms

People join the Center for Executive Coaching to get into the top tier of coaches. Following are nine quick cases of our most recent graduates who are doing smart things to get their practices going, along with examples of how we have helped:

1. Congratulations to Corey C., who was invited to yesterday’s NBA draft. Corey wants to work with elite athletes, and especially athletes who came from tough backgrounds. He came to our May seminar and worked with members to develop a powerful coaching framework to work with elite athletes. This is in addition to his book Superstar for Life, which has received incredible reviews from executives and athletes in professional sports leagues and college programs. He got himself invited to the draft because the NBA is potentially interested in using him to coach new players to make smart choices with their money, entourage, and behavior — and to help retiring players be prepared for life after sports.

2. Nikki E. has a successful HR consulting practice. She has created two powerful group coaching models for very specific target markets (and asked me not to reveal them). She has a business plan to go national with at least one of these models, and is already getting great response. The CEC has been a sounding board for her, and also reviewed and edited her marketing collateral.

3. Barbara H. has just won a contract with the Department of Defense to lead a coach training program for senior executives there. She has done this by specializing in government work, and by building up partnerships with former senior government administrators who have clout in her target market. It helps that she is a dynamic coach, and people love working with her. We helped by giving her the coaching skills required to engage this level of executive.

4. L.C. reports that she has shifted from charging $200 per hour per client, and making maybe $10,000 per year per client, to a model where she now makes up to $100,000 per year per client. She learned this after going through our program.

5. David O. is a speaker and author who works with executives and, like Corey, athletes. In his case, he has developed a coaching and training methodology that he is now ready to take on the road. Actually, he has two. The first is based on two books he has written about reframing limiting perceptions and creating extraordinary results. The second is about helping people age successfully and remain healthy in all aspects of their lives. He has a corporate sponsor who is paying for him to travel the world promoting his new approach. He is starting an institute. And he is even in talks with an infomercial company to turn his program into a consumer self-help product. Meanwhile, clients from around the world are contacting him to work with him.

6. Two women in our program are teaming up to create a powerful association of women coaches who want to coach other women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles. They are reaching out to other CEC members to form an alliance of women coaching women. This is in addition to some fantastic coaching programs and products they have created.

7. Mike P. has an already-successful assessment company. Now he has added executive coaching to the mix, and reports that he is having more fun while connecting in new ways with old clients, and also adding some big new clients to his roster.

8. Reggie C. has developed a coaching framework and methodology specifically for the federal government. He also has developed some assessment tools to assess the effectiveness of his clients. Now he is in talks with senior people from a major air force base to roll out a training and coaching program to improve productivity. He works with the CEC weekly to get our review of his marketing collateral and tools.

9. Mike F. has written a book for healthcare executives and is traveling the country giving speeches and coaching executives in this industry. He is also building alliances with other coaches so that he is a powerhouse in the field.

If you want results like this, join us anytime. You get the full package required to be a successful executive coach.

A suggested next step is to learn more about our executive coaching certification programs and reach out for a strategy session with our Director, Andrew Neitlich. Reach him directly with some good times for you at andrewneitlich@centerforexecutivecoaching.com.

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