90 minutes to a coaching practice

You can start a coaching practice in just 90 minutes. This past weekend, at our Center for Executive Coaching in-person seminar, participants learned just that.

We broke into groups to develop coaching frameworks, processes, and marketing roll outs for different issues and target markets. Each group had about 90 minutes to create a presentation about their new methodology.

As per usual, the results were great. Let me share five of them:

One group came up with a new way of thinking about helping non-profit executive directors to be more effective and work better with their boards of directors. They developed a beautiful graphic and honed in on three root causes preventing executive directors from being as effective as they could be.

A second group came up with a turnkey approach to help expatriate executives assimiliate into their new countries and succeed in their new overseas assignments (apparently 70% fail, costing over $100,000 when they do). Personally, I loved this group’s presentation, because they took a volunteer client through their process; it looked like their firm had been open for business for years.

A third group developed a great coaching framework and program for helping to bridge the gap between baby boomers and millenials. Their model is a four-letter acronym that is easy to remember, simple, yet practical and powerful.

A fourth group came up with a coaching program for entrepreneurs in an emerging marketplace. When they announced their idea before the session, everyone thought they were joking. After they presented, everyone saw huge potential in their completely innovative approach and new market.

Last and not least, a group presented a coaching methodology to help an abrasive leader be more of a positive force on a team. The Center for Executive Coaching provides ready made toolkits for this and other challenges, but this group came up with their own fresh, creative perspective on how to tackle the issue.

It was inspiring and amazing to watch these coaches — and the others that I don’t have space to mention — present their ideas and plans! Of course, they have more work to do to get their ideas launched. But the foundation they put in place will set them apart from a pool of coaches that has no idea how to think this way. From here, they can write articles and books, give speeches, create training seminars, develop group coaching programs in addition to one-on-one coaching, create assessments, and so much more. The sky is the limit based on their (and your) aspirations and interests.

Even better, throughout the seminar, they came up with great ideas to integrate what they have been doing already into their new coaching practice. For instance, in this particular group, we had quite a few people with senior HR experience in Fortune 500 companies. Many of them have opportunities to combine HR consulting and leadership coaching to leaders in mid-sized, growing organizations.

Meanwhile, the internal coaches in the group got into some discussions about what it will take to really earn the credibility they deserve from senior leaders in their organizations.

We did all of this while practicing the key coaching conversations that get results for leaders, executives, business owners, and up-and-coming talent.

Other coach training programs don’t give you this type of content or ongoing support. If you choose them, you might not get what you need to succeed according to what the market demands, and you might not find yourself in a cohort with top notch professionals. Set yourself up for success, not for a rude awakening.

Take a look at our various programs, and join one today. Call anytime at 941-539-9623 to confirm fit and answer any questions you might have.

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