A couple of recent testimonials

Congratulations to our recent graduate, Jeanique Riche who was kind enough to email us the following unsolicited testimonial:


"Thank you sooo much Andrew. I definitely have and continue to learn a lot from you. I am so glad to have found IBG. It has definitely provided the concrete tools and instruction I needed. Love your style! Oftentimes I found myself laughing uncontrolably at some of your direct statements, a breath of fresh air.I'll be sure to stay in touch. I still have questions and there is still so much to learn :-)"- Jeanique Riche,The EIgnite Group
And from member Julie Chance, who runs a very successful coaching and consulting practice:
"Your straight forward and direct approach is always such a breath of fresh air."
If you are interested in a business coach training program that has no fluff, has deep tools, and is for people who want to coach growing, dynamic businesses (not tiny mom and pops, as with most of the franchises and other programs out there), then we should have a discuss to confirm fit. Call me anytime at 941-539-9623. Best, Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director.
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