A set of coaching toolkits for change management consulting firms

Recently I had a discussion with the head of a change management consulting practice at a major IT consulting firm. She had purchased our Coach Master Toolkit and was quite impressed. "This is exactly what we need to bring coaching to our change management clients," she said. In fact, she is pitching coaching as a new solution and service offering to add to her firm as a potential revenue source, and will be using the toolkits as a platform to build the practice.

The Coach Master Toolkit offers over 27 toolkits and coaching methodologies to help clients improve leadership and organizational capacity. There are many ways we can package them — whether as a standalone package, as part of a program to train consultants in best-practice coaching competencies, or as a program to roll out coaching as a new service line and source of revenue.

In addition to training on the foundations of coaching, these toolkits guide the coach through the key conversations to have with clients to address their most pressing challenges and improve performance in specific situations. Topics include:

Making a new behavior a habit in order to build on a strength or eliminate a disruptive behavior.

Changing a limiting perception that is holding back performance.

Influencing with impact.

Getting an idea accepted/embraced throughout the organization.

Leading change.

Engaging and mobilizing employees.

Creating high-performance teams.

Creating a high-performance culture.

The attitudes of the effective leader.

Communicating simply and powerfully/Leadership presence.

Overcoming overwhelm.

Strategic thinking and planning.

Succession planning and developing leaders.

Managing/Leading up.

Developing and engaging the Board.

Fostering collaboration.

Resolving conflict.

Thinking comprehensively about complex issues.

Coaching skills.

Overcoming overwhelm.

Getting control of time.

Building one’s powerbase/informal power and influence in the organization.

Influencing others with impact.

Stakeholder management and getting the organization to embrace an idea.

Understanding the politics of change or an idea.

Please contact us at anytime for a preview of these toolkits and what they can bring to your consulting firm.

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