Big Engagements Won By CEC Members!

Every day I get two types of calls:

First, I get calls from people in other coach training programs who feel ripped off because the training they got wasn't relevant to selling executive coacing in the real world. They learned some interesting tools, studied how the human mind works, and had some insights about their own automatic ways of being. However, as one person shared, "I've been an executive at five major companies, and we would never buy any of this stuff."

Second, I get calls from members sharing success stories. Here are some recent ones:

– Congratulations to a member who sold a $12,500 coaching engagement to a huge branch of the US federal government — even while the debt ceiling talks are raging on. This is just an introductory engagement that is likely to result in much more work.

– Congratulations to another member who sold a leadership development coaching and training program to a major East Coast Air Force Base.

– Congratulations to a member in Paris, France who met a CEO of a large multi-national corporation and engaged him in a discussion about the value of executive coaching; she is on the verge of gaining a large client.

– Congratulations to a member who just received a $15,000 lump some payment for doing a bit of career development and transition coaching for a CIO at a large company.

– Congratulations to yet another member who is about to close a major deal with a leading HR consulting company to offer coaching to them.

– Congratulations to a member who just closed three contracts with three different healthcare systems to coach their managers and leadership team.

The results go on, but wouldn't you agree that this is pretty good for a single week — especially when we limit enrollment in our program to about 30 active members at a time?

We don't have a university affiliation. We don't cost $20,000 or have a fancy residential dormitory where you have to stay for a bunch of time. Instead, we offer a practical program that helps you get results for your clients, enjoy success as a coach and professional, and build your firm or make a difference in your internal coaching job.

I sincerely hope that — assuming you are a good fit for us — you sign up today. Call first at 941-539-9623 to confirm that there is a good fit, but please only do this when you are ready to make a commitment and get started.

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