Case Study: The power of a coaching niche

Do you wonder what happens when you focus your coaching practice like a laser on the right target market?

Rather than have me tell you, here is what one member of The Center for Executive Coaching shares. I've decided not to share her specific niche to keep everyone else from copying her — but there are almost unlimited target markets out there for you based on your talents and interests. Here is what she writes:

"My business is on FIRE right now. I am fully booked… have doubled my monthly income since your program.  I have yet to even market myself fully…

"This target market…has really caught the attention of some interesting people. I’m overwhelmed with how many people in this niche want to work with me. I’m sitting on an absolute goldmine right now and it’s pretty fun being me. Thanks again!!….

"I’m getting bombarded by dozens of coaching & consulting firms a day wanting to hire me full time, but I think my best bet is to stay on my own since marketing doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. It’s neat that my name is getting out there and my talents recognized as a subject expert…I’ve started speaking now too, AND already started penning the book to go along with my practice all about helping people in my niche."  

At The Center for Executive Coaching, we not only offer powerful, practical coaching tools and processes that you can use immediately with clients. We also offer proven approaches to filling your practice with clients and building a firm. After all, I am the co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches along with two other business development books for coaches and consultants, and have built up my own successful coaching firm.

If coaching leaders is your passion, and you worry about how to market your services and/or deliver great results as a coach so that clients become raving fans, then I encourage you to schedule a call to discuss whether you would be a good candidate for membership.


Andrew Neitlich, Director

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