Center for Career Coaching Founder Co-Authoring a SECOND Guerrilla Marketing Career Book

Center for Career Coaching Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich has just reached an agreement with publishing house Morgan James to co-author a second Guerrilla Marketing book with Guerrilla Marketing founder and father Jay Conrad Levinson.

A natural follow up to his book Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career (releasing early 2011), the book will focus intensively on how people can make the leap from employee to entrepreneuer. Unlike traditional business planning books, this new book — tentatively titled Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan — focuses on the eleven battles that any aspiring entrepreneur needs to win before making the leap. It also looks intensively at the courage, resourcefulness, and improvisation required for the new solopreneur or entrepreneur. The seret to success is not in writing a lengthy business plan, but rather in taking a series of small, calculated steps until it is natural to leave one’s job and enter the new, wondereful world of self-employment.

"I am delighted to offer this sequel to my first book with Jay," said Andrew Neitlich. "It is a pleasure and an honor to work with him and a great opportunity to help millions of people who want to make the leap but need just a bit of a push to get there. I was in that place well over a decade ago, and the toughest part for me was stopping the talk and just doing it! I wish I had this book to help me."

The book features interviews from entrepreneurs who have made the leap, along with tools, tactics, and frameworks to be successful.

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