Center for Executive Coaching executive coaching certification program awarded Level 2 accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The Center for Executive Coaching is delighted to have been awarded accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Level 2 organization. This is a result of a rigorous process of assessing our complete organization, policies, methodologies, and process for evaluating quality of instruction and participant satisfaction. This means that professionals seeking executive coaching certification can be assured that they are joining a program that meets the gold standard of coach training in the industry.

The ICF has made numerous changes to its accreditation and designation process.

First, the old terms ACTP and ACSTH, which referred to coach training organizations, are going away. The Center for Executive Coaching used to be an ACTP and is now called Level 2. This will not have much impact on executive coach certification participations. The Level 2 organization training, like the ACTP, still gives executive coach certification candidates the easiest path to apply to the ICF, whether for their ACC or PCC. With the Level 2 training, ICF mentor coaching is included, and you do not have to submit recordings to the ICF to receive a designation. With other pathways, you do, and this can take a long time for review and approval.

There are two other major changes that the ICF put in place this year. First, they have rolled out a new set of coaching core competencies. We approve of the new competencies, because they are more elegant than the previous competencies, and leave more room for coaches to interpret them according to their natural coaching style. As a leader at the ICF said on a recent webinar, “The coaching core competencies are there to serve coaches, not the other way around.”

Second, the ICF has introduced a new coach knowledge assessment. It is based on the new competencies and is scenario based. You will be prepared for it when you complete our Level 2 executive coach training.

The Center for Executive Coaching executive coaching certification takes you far beyond the ICF core competencies, so that you can set yourself apart in the marketplace – whether as an external or internal executive coach. We do this by providing you with our proven and practical executive and leadership coaching methodologies, including 30 coaching solutions covering the most pressing challenges that leaders want coaching to address; ongoing one-on-one support; the best business development guidance available; and a remarkable group of fellow participants, all of whom are successful professionals with significant achievements. Our focus is on delighting your coaching clients by getting great results and providing outstanding value for them.

We specialize in working with high-end professionals, many of whom are quite busy and appreciate our flexible schedule and anytime enrollment. You can complete our executive coach certification program at your pace and according to your schedule.

Center for Executive Coaching Level-2 Accreditation Certificate

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