Center for Executive Coaching now offers BOTH Level 1 and Level 2 Programs for your ACC and PCC International Coaching Federation designations

The Center for Executive Coaching has now been approved with International Coaching Federation accreditation as BOTH a Level 1 and a Level 2 organization. Here is what this means for you:

First, if you want to achieve the ICF PCC designation, our Level 2 accreditation lets you do that the easiest, most straightforward way.

– You don’t have to submit recordings to the ICF because your mentor coaching with us includes your performance evaluation. With other programs, you have to submit recordings to the ICF and their review process can be subjective and take months.

– You complete 125 hours of training, of which up to half can be asynchronous. We provide you with plenty of reading and recordings of classes to complete at your schedule and convenience to achieve the asynchronous hours. We also provide extremely flexible, live, highly-interactive classes so that you can go at your own pace to complete the synchronous portion. You can choose a single cycle of classes with one faculty member, or skip among different classes. How do we make this possible? It is because we teach in mini-modules. Each class stands on its own. We cover different coaching situations, so that you can join anytime and go at your pace. If you prefer a more structured approach, you can follow a single cycle. We give you a complete curriculum so you know exactly which classes are being taught when, and suggested preparation. We also have foundational classes in your member area so that you can get started and build a base of knowledge immediately when you join.

– The required ICF mentor coaching component of your training is included. Our mentor coaching staff gets rave reviews because we combine teaching the ICF core competencies with a practical, results-focused approach.

– We also support you with preparation for the new ICF exam.

– Your member area has a matching feature that matches you up with other participants so that you can accumulate the required coaching experience hours.

Second, if you want to achieve the ICF ACC designation, you have two great options.

– Option one is to complete the Level 2 program, outlined above. That gives you the training you need to get the ACC, and enough training to upgrade to the PCC whenever you wish.

– Option Two is to the Level 1 program, which consists of 60 hours of training (half can be asynchronous) plus mentor coaching. This is your fastest path to the ACC designation with the ICF. Also, by joining our live virtual seminar, you get almost ALL of the live hours you need to be ready to apply to the ICF (excluding the required mentor coaching, which is included with our ICF programs)!

– As with the Level 2 program, we match you up with other members to accumulate your required coaching experience hours (100) and we help you prepare for the new ICF exam.

Everything is included with one single program. You get our proven methods and tools, amazing community of high-end professionals, personalized support — and the easiest way to get your ICF designation.

To learn more, please review our ICF training program description here. To accelerate your training even more, you can complete a 3-day virtual seminar, too. Click here to see upcoming dates.

As always, after you review our website, and if you have serious interest, please reach out anytime with questions or to discuss fit:


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