Coach case study: From coaching one individual to coaching the whole company

It doesn't take much to break through into the big leagues as a coach — if you have the right training and are good at what you do.

This week I spoke to two different coaches who prove this fact.

The first coach worked with a partner at a major accounting firm. The partner was facing serious challenges and was thinking of leaving the firm. After two months of coaching, he felt re-energized, re-committed to the firm, and also brought in more revenue than every before.

Now this coach has been invited to work with up to 40 other partners in this same firm, on a variety of issues.

The second coach worked with the CEO of an $80 million construction firm. She did so well that she has been asked to propose on everything from facilitating a strategic planning session over five years to coaching the executive team.

All you need is one well-placed client in the right company — and then the ability to coach them to get real results (not the fluffy navel-gazing that you see many coaches doing).

Once you demonstrate that you can bring this kind of value, trust goes up exponentially. Your practice revenues and reputation will, too.

At the Center for Executive Coaching, we show you how to find opportunities like this, and we give you the tools you need to deliver value, so that you open up opportunities like the ones described above.

As always, feel free to call me on my personal cell to see if there is a fit, at 941-539-9623. Please be sure to check out the website first.

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